How iOS/Android User Behavior Impacts Mobile App Development?

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With time, the usage of smartphones is increasing at an exponential rate across the world.  The majority of the population is spending most of their time on mobile apps for everyday functions.

Amid numerous mobile apps are launched every month, but only a few succeed in gaining popularity and sustaining repetitive visits. To come up with such meaningful and winning apps, you need to understand user behavior.

How well do you know your potential mobile users? How much they are willing to pay for your services? Whether you choose Android or iOS app development services, analyzing the behavior of the target audience plays a significant role here.

Importance of User Behavior

What you can’t ignore while building or delivering a successful app is diving deeper to know the target audience’s needs and preferences. To develop successful apps, your USPs should match users’ problems. The choice of mobile operating systems, namely, iOS and Android, is also influenced after knowing users’ specific interests.

Look into Top User Behavior Factors That Impact Mobile App Development

The best app developers follow a systematic approach and run user behavior analytics to process the information professionally. It helps you arrive at the right decisions faster and more swiftly.

Users’ Spending Tendency

Although today’s generation spends a lot irrespective of which operating system they choose. However, iPhone users are still making more purchases as compared to iOS users. iOS app development allows you to generate revenue through paid apps, Android app development can help you draw ROI from mobile advertising seamlessly.

App Engagement & Retention

One of the significant factors that impact business success is considering app engagement statistics and customer retention rates. iOS users are likely to be more engaged thus have higher retention. On the other hand, being not consistent with app engagement, developers need to work harder to reach their desired goals.

User Demographics

Undoubtedly, Android has more market share than iOS. However, a few crucial factors like Income and location should be considered while developing a mobile app. Depending on the spending habits, you can target the right audience at the right channel in the most appropriate way.

Android & iOS App Development Capabilities

Each operating system comes with different features that impact the final product. With time, both iOS and Android app development have done incredibly well in the marketplace.

The best iOS 13 features:

  • Improved Portrait Mode
  • Siri Update
  • Performance Boost
  • 3D Maps

Key Features of Android 10

  • Smooth Gesture Navigation
  • Focus Mode
  • More Privacy Controls
  • Improved Security

Top reasons to choose iOS over Android app development are:

Gaining success in app development is not an easy metric. You have to focus on multiple scenarios while choosing the app development platform. Developing thriving enterprise mobile apps is indeed a challenging task. To ease the development process, you need to hire a reliable mobile app development firm that provides end-to-end consulting services and is determined to attain success from the future product.

Opting for iOS app development services along with cutting-edge technologies appears to be a lucrative option. If you basic purpose is to make money from the app then iOS app development is a smart way to follow.

  • iOS is one of the most viable mobile operating systems that drive revenue. How? iOS devices are mostly preferred by the elite class or people, that are willing to spend more on in-app purchases. This way, you can have more exposure in the market and easily enhance financial gains.
  • Over a while, iOS has become a renowned platform that is indeed the best way to achieve enhanced productivity, better sales, and 100% customer satisfaction. iOS platforms come with an advanced set of features that enables app developers to build user-friendly and powerful applications to scale their business growth.
  • The iOS environment offers more accurate arrangements and reliable app development speed. If you aim to gain a customer base with the intuitiveness of your app, then you should go for the iOS platform. The iOS app developers use standard guidelines to develop feature-rich and secure applications.
  • iOS devices are in sync, hence, it leads to faster and easier app development. Moreover, with custom iOS app development features, you can reach elite customers in a short time and perk up the brand value among the targeted audience.
  • Skilled and experienced mobile app developers develop customer-centric and trendsetting mobile applications by deploying an iOS platform. With the iOS app, you get features like, in-app purchase model, excellent compatibility, and a loyal customer base.


These insights can help you in making wise decisions about the product’s monetization strategy and roadmaps. If your monetization mainly depends on in-app purchases, then iOS app development can be the most profitable option. However, if you want to monetize through ad placements, then build Android apps.

Many mobile app development companies are providing you similar services, but you need to choose the best to enjoy optimum results in a shorter development time. Before you make the final deal, make sure you do proper research in terms of expertise, experience, portfolio, etc., to leverage its potential to the fullest. Moreover, renowned app development agencies offer a reliable & accurate app cost calculator tool that enables you to find out the estimated app development cost within minutes. It will save both money and time, and you end up with the most dedicated development partner.