How to cancel iCloud Membership

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If you are using Apple iCloud membership then you must be aware that if you want to cancel it then you have to back up your data. Otherwise, you may lose it all. That is why you have to go through all the necessary steps to secure your data. For that, you should follow certain procedure by which you can make sure that your data is secured. So if you want to Cancel ICloud Subscription then you must backup your data beforehand to avoid any kind of consequences later on. We are here to help you with all the procedures.

How you can back up your data before you cancel iCloud membership?

Taking a backup of all your data is very important if you are going to downgrade your membership plan in the iCloud storage. Because after you cancel the membership and downgrade it to some other plans it will give you storage as per the plan only. But if you have more data than the storage then it will delete the data randomly. But before that, you will get a window of 30 days till when you can just backup your data as per your requirement. If you do that on time then you won’t lose any of your data from your iCloud storage. That is why you should always pay attention to the amount of storage you have purchased and the amount of data you have on your hand. Then only you will be able to enjoy the storage service and all of your data will stay protected in that Cloud Service.

How you can manage your devices without iCloud?

Whenever we use some cloud storage, the account is synchronised with all types of devices we use using our Apple ID. So it can be a great concern that how you will be able to manage your devices if you don’t have an iCloud membership. So in that case you have to make sure that you sign in to your various devices after you change the membership plan. If you decide to cancel iCloud membership then you must know that it will reflect on your account after the end of your current billing period. But before that, you have to make sure that you note down your Apple ID and sign in to all the different devices from your account so that you can get access to the iCloud storage from all the devices. If you don’t do it then your device will show that you are not allowed to enter into the account. The backup of all types of data is quite seamless if you cancel iCloud membership. You just have to make sure that you remove everything extra to stop the automatic deleting process.

How you can keep your photos after you cancel iCloud membership?

Sometimes if you cancel iCloud membership you may get into trouble with your large amount of photos in your Google account. Because in that case, you have to remove the photos to a safe place to save them from getting deleted automatically. In case of the cancellation of the iCloud membership, you will get less amount of storage. And it will backup data as per the new storage plan only. So if you want to save your photos from getting deleted then you must make a backup of them. You can simply upload them in Google photos which is another cloud storage. You can get access to Google photos from any device if you sign in to your own Google account. So currently it is quite simple to keep your data intact even if you cancel iCloud membership to a free one. So in the case of photos, Google photos are the best option for you to do that.

How to cancel iCloud membership successfully?

If you want to cancel iCloud membership on your Apple device then the whole process is quite simple. You just have to make sure that you follow specific steps according to your device type. Because all the steps are different to some extent in the case of iPhone, Mac or Windows PC. So you have to decide on the device and then only go through all the necessary steps to cancel iCloud membership. The easiest process to do it is on Windows PC. Because you just have to open the iCloud app there and you will find everything in the settings option. But even if you own a Mac or iPhone then also the process is quite straightforward to follow.

These are the basic things you have to know before you decide to cancel iCloud membership. This cloud storage is quite famous for apple owners. But you can also use it on your Windows PC if you want to enjoy the services offered by them. And it is quite certain that you will have a seamless experience regarding iCloud even on your Windows PC. Read More: – Suddenlink email settings