Why Malwarebytes Not Working on Windows 10?

malwarebytes will not open

Malwarebytes antivirus provides freeware as well as paid plans for your Windows 10 device. Using this antivirus keeps the system secure from various dangerous threats. Malwarebytes is a different type of antivirus program where you can use it with another antivirus. You can install a primary security program on the system and then install Malwarebytes as an extra security layer by making few changes to the settings. While working on Windows 10, some users face issues while scanning the device with Malwarebytes antivirus. The error related to Malwarebytes can appear due to numerous reasons.

Possible reasons behind Malwarebytes Not Working on Windows 10:

  1. Your Malwarebytes setup is incompatible with Windows 10
  2. Malwarebytes antivirus is outdated
  3. Another antivirus is conflicting with Malwarebytes
  4. You have installed a malicious program
  5. Malwarebytes related registry files get corrupted
  6. You have made some invalid changes to the system


Troubleshooting Malwarebytes antivirus error:

 Install a compatible Malwarebytes plan

Your Malwarebytes will not open on a device that is incompatible with the setup. Your Malwarebytes has few system requirements for installation and processing. If the system is not specified with those resources then Malwarebytes will start showing errors. You need to check the resource requirements and then system specifications. If your Malwarebytes is incompatible with the device then search for a compatible one.

Update your Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes has an auto-update feature that automatically installs the new update when it arrives. In case the auto-update feature gets disabled then you need to install the updates manually. When Malwarebytes gets outdated, you will start getting errors. You need to update the Malwarebytes for troubleshooting all the errors. On Windows 10 devices, go to the Apps folder and click on Malwarebytes. Choose the update option and the latest Malwarebytes update will start downloading on your device. After completing the Malwarebytes update process; restart the device to apply the updates. Now run Malwarebytes and check whether it’s working or not.

Run file checker tool

You can get into Malwarebytes related errors when the system files get corrupted. These system files get into error due to runtime error or some malware. Repairing these system files manually is very difficult. You need to repair these files for troubleshooting the Malwarebytes-related errors. Windows has an inbuilt tool that can repair the system files automatically. Run the file scanning tool for restoring the corrupted system files:

  1. Close Malwarebytes dashboard
  2. Go to your Start menu
  3. Type run and press the Enter button
  4. On your run wizard, type cmd
  5. Hit the Enter button
  6. You may get a permission screen
  7. Click on Allow button

Windows command screen will be displayed; type SFC/scanner on the screen. Press the Enter button and the file checker tool will scan all the system files on your device. The system scanning will take some time to complete. After scanning all the files, you will get a result page. Check the result page and restart your device. Now run Malwarebytes and try to scan your device.

Remove another antivirus from your device

Indeed you can use Malwarebytes with another security program but you have to make certain changes to the settings. If you don’t both the security program will start conflicting when they detect any malware. If your Malwarebytes is showing the error, then you should remove another antivirus from your device. From the Apps folder, click on another security program and hit the Uninstall button. Follow some on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process. Now restart your device to apply changes. Open Malwarebytes dashboard and run the system scan.

Check the disk space

Malwarebytes may start showing you the error due to low disk space. Like other programs, Malwarebytes also requires some amount of free disk space for processing. When the device is dealing with low space, your Malwarebytes will start showing you the error. Go to your device and add an SSD for increasing the disk space. If you don’t have an SSD then delete all the unnecessary files and programs from your device. Delete gaming and other unnecessary programs from your device. Go to your drive and delete large files like videos and movies. After deleting all the files and programs restart your device and try to run a Malwarebytes scan.

Delete the junk files

Malwarebytes error may appear due to the temp files. These files are usually harmless but sometimes they suddenly start interrupting other processes. Delete all those temp files and other junk from the system. Using the clean manager tool will remove all the junk along with the temp files:

  1. Close the Malwarebytes error window
  2. Go to the Run bar and type cmd
  3. Press the Enter button and the permission prompt will appear
  4. Click on Allow button

On the cmd screen, type cleanmgr and press the Enter button. Now the clean manager tool will scan for all the junk accumulated by your device. A list of items will be displayed; click on temporary files and other items you want to delete and press the OK button. All the junk will get removed from your device. Now restart the device and check whether your Malwarebytes error gets fixed or not.