Reasons to Use Work Order Management Software

Reasons to Use Work Order Management Software

Work order management software is a solution that permits facilities managers to successfully track and manage all work order information via a single dashboard. With a unified place to create requests for services, monitor real-time status updates and track task completion. Facility managers can handle work orders across a multi-location enterprise effortlessly.

A well-designed best work order management software is instinctive and comprehensive. It makes easy to manage the entire work order process from start to finish. Your employees do not have to manually submit service requests, the work order management system automates that. There is much more for you with only a few clicks.

To demonstrate the value of work order management software, let us look at a few scenarios.

Scenario 1 – Poor Communication

You just received a customer call complaining about an issue, but you are using paperwork orders. You sift through the customer’s service history and take down notes for the technician. The technician, on the other hand, is running behind the schedule and losing time calling the office to get the details.

This all lowers down the customer experience. With work order management software, you can reduce all the pain points easily. It is the adhesive of field service management software, wedding together scheduling and dispatching with customer data.

Work Odr management system has replaced all the manual work from work order. Do all work with a clicks of a mouse and shared via mobile app. It communicates the customer’s issue, their history, and complete information, eliminating time spent wasting calling the office from the field. Technicians are also able to update their status in real-time, alerting the office on delays and completion of work.

Scenario 2 – Lack of To-Do List

Various field service businesses have requirements for their technicians to follow when on-site. It could be anything from as simple as cleaning muddy shoes before entering a customer’s home and deconstructing a workspace.

Still, others may have extremely specific or lengthy checklists that employees must run through. Which is depending on the type of job being done. You might have a handwritten list for every work order, printing or photocopying them or relying on your technician’s memory and the honor system to follow proper procedures.

The digital checklist features found in the best work order management software can save you so much time and the errors resulting from manual to-do task lists. The work order management solution allows you to easily pull them straight into work orders while giving you peace of mind that employees are following your processes and your customers are happy.

Scenario 3 – Disorganized Documents

You received a text notification from your technician for a completed job, but the images included do not download. You get sidetracked by another project and forget about it until later when the technician returns to the office. He lets you know he has deleted them, but he also tells you that a form the customer needs was not included with the work order for that job.

The disjointed manual system frustrates the customer leaving them without the documentation needed. The customer’s service file back at the office is also missing images that the technician took to back up the work that was finished.

If the company was using work order management software, it would have allowed the technician to take images that automatically show up in the customer’s electronic record at the office as well as the portal that the customer could log into.

Forms, sketches, and additional documentation, everything is in the same place, allowing everyone access to what they need at any time. The availability of everything is likely to increase the company’s professional image and offer your customers a great experience.

These are a few reasons why you should use work order management software for your business. However, when choosing the best work order management software, ensure it is fast, loads without lags, and shareable giving everyone on your team access to information to handle customer’s complaints easily and accurately fulfill orders. This is exactly what Engear offers you. Get in touch with them today for a demo.