Essential Muay Thai Tips for Beginners

Essential Muay Thai Tips for Beginners

Ancient Thai martial arts are popular all over the world for a variety of reasons. Muay Thai classes are one of the great ways to lose weight in a short time. Furthermore, it can enhance overall body fitness while offering discipline and candidate confidence. Because of its many advantages, several individuals enroll in training classes.

Some tips are given here below: 

Don’t stress too much

The most common mistake most newborns make in any sport is to try too hard from the start. Although most of them expect quick results, this is not possible. Therefore, applying too much pressure will only harm a person on their own, without getting close to the desired result.

Muay Thai is a martial art where elementary rice is most important. A solid foundation is better than efficient rice. People who put too much pressure in the early stages are often at risk of injury. Therefore, take it easy.

Expect great pain

Good things always cost something. Similarly, it is impossible for Muay Thai apprentices to avoid excruciating pain. A training session involves all the organs of the body and these work deeply. As a result, a lot of wear and tear occurs between the muscles, which, in turn, causes excruciating pain.

People, who think that the average training session is just like walking a mile, or climbing stairs more than once a day, should think twice. Although wounds and extreme pain are quite common, the human body will gradually become accustomed to them within a week or two.

Abad Trainer

There is no other way to acquire skills in this martial art than to listen to an instructor. No matter what the coach says, it is good for newcomers. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions of their trainer primarily for best results.

Many have a tendency to know everything, but it is impossible to learn everything just by watching online training videos. An expert trainer can show people how to implement basic steps in an efficient way.


Until the end, people just enrolled their names in training sessions because they just wanted to learn Muay Thai. Therefore, never regret the decision and enjoy every moment of training. It will not only allow people to learn martial arts in an easy way but also bring results without effort.

Essential Muay Thai Tips for Beginners
Essential Muay Thai Tips for Beginners

Muay Thai School in Thailand – What to look for

I am actually writing this article from my small, fan-only room at one of the most popular Muay Thai schools in Thailand. This is my second time here. I came here for the first time last year and I was very nervous before coming. 

I researched a few Muay Thai schools online but when you are fifteen thousand miles away and your website is a bit discouraging to judge Muay Thai schools. Needless to say, I showed up here and everything is going smoothly. Quite simply in reality, when I returned to Canada, all I could think of and say was to bring myself back to Thailand. 

Well, now I’m here. This is the second time I’ve been here for about three and a half months and I’m planning to stay for another 6 months or more – probably longer. I’ve received a lot of training at various Muay Thai schools – very good and not so good – so I have a pretty good idea of what to look for. When you get on the train to Muay Thai School in Thailand, here’s what you should expect …

1) A good trainer in student ratio: 

This is the key to choosing a good Muay Thai school. From my experience, you don’t want to take training in Muay Thai schools where the student-to-trainer ratio is more than 3 to 1. More than that so you don’t need to focus personally on doing the improvement you’re hoping for. If you want to train in a large class with limited trainers, you can always just stay in your own country. People come to Muay Thai schools in Thailand for personal instruction and this is what you should look for.

2) Thai prices in terms of housing: 

Our countries are much more expensive than Thailand. The owners and administrators of the Muay Thai school know this and they also know that they said it in words – you don’t know better than that. These Muay Thai schools often lend room prices that are more than double the Thai people’s equivalent rooms in the region. So, my advice is to book camp for only a couple of nights if necessary and then search on your own to search for a house in that area.

The region of the country you choose is also important for your overall enjoyment. The region you choose depends on the type of personality you have. I actually have some pretty beaches in and around Phuket right now. However, I was going – and will continue to be – to train as much as I can in Muay Thai schools all over the country.

I’m keeping a log of everything on a new Muay Thai website  if you are thinking of training at one of the Muay Thai schools in Thailand or even if you are just looking for a good read – I recommend you to check it out and of course if you Any questions about an entry – just give me a message via the “Contacts” section of the site.

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