10 Tips To Master Your Betting Strategy

Professional Sports Bettors

Lately, have you’ve been losing from one bet to the other? Maybe you started on the wrong foot. Or you might need to re-evaluate your betting strategies. Even professional sports bettors do this sometimes when they feel their strategy is not working. Now, shall we look at those tips that will help you up to your game? 

  • 1-3-2-6 betting strategy

Perhaps the reason you might want to try this is its simplicity. Nobody wants to use an overly complicated system. All you gotta do is adjust your bets based on simple regulations. And since your stake is not increased when you lose – you’ll be safe from losing money rapidly. Things will seem to be a little difficult to you if you are a beginner in betting and have just commenced your betting journey. But with time, you will get the knack of betting and will enjoy it as well.

But you have to be cautious while choosing the size of your betting units. After setting the amounts you’re willing to lose, your betting unit should be between 2% to 5% in that session.

  • The Fibonacci betting strategy

You’re supposed to bet on a tie, and if you’re not successful, you place a bet on the next tie following a certain key. It’s a strategy with some risk factors, but it can be quite successful with the necessary luck and the right nose in betting.

  • Kelly formula betting strategy

In this strategy, you can calculate the good stake on a bet. And this is how it works; you can choose a game and then rate its result in percentage. Then you’ll look for this game’s odds that you think it’s fair. Now, you’ll put the odds and probability into Kelly’s formula to get the value. 

  • The “live over 1.5 goals” betting strategy.

Live betting on “over 1.5 goals” is one of the profitable betting strategies used by professional sports bettors. You bet on live games using “Over 1.5 goals”. It’s ideal due to the odds of development. But, first, you must use it on a game that you expect to have an over 2.5.

Before the game starts, the odds of an over 1.5 are usually very low. But as soon as the game starts rolling and the goals are missing, the rate starts to rise almost every minute and continues to be more and more profitable. Now you have to be patient. Ideally – as with any bet – you should watch the game live to have the greatest possible advantage.

  • Arbitrage betting

How many times have you heard people saying that this bet is not feasible? It would help if you didn’t believe that because it’s very viable. And this focuses on utilizing the variation in odds around various sportsbooks. And if you master it like professional sports bettors, you can quickly turn a profit in no time. 

  • Matched betting

And this is one of the most utilized bets as it guarantees you a profit. But, it will only work when there is an available free bet. So, as you sign up in a sportsbook, you might find this offer.  Things will seem to be a little difficult to you if you are a beginner in betting and have just commenced your betting journey. But with time, you will get the knack of betting and will enjoy it as well.

  • Lay betting strategy

A bettor tells the most likely losing team in inlay bets, therefore, covering a loss or draw. Unlike the traditional method of saying “this will happen,” lay bet says it won’t happen. And this is a bet that offers an opportunity which most bettors do.

  • Goliath bet

A vast majority of people still ask if Goliath bets guarantee a win? A simple answer is No. However, your odds of making returns are high.

  • Double Chance

Double chance is a perfect online betting strategy for risk-averse bettors. What you’ll be betting on is the probability that either one of two events will transpire. But one prerequisite is that the sport of your betting game has three different feasible outcomes as Loss, Win, and Draw. 

  • Proportional Betting Strategy

In proportional betting systems, a bettor needs to bet a portion of his bankroll. And then, after every win, he will be increasing his bets by that same percentage.

One of the huge differences between professional and recreational sports bettors is that professional sports bettors keep their emotions in check. It is easy to say to control your emotions but difficult to practice in real life. No matter what, emotional control is essential in betting and can take you to great heights if you got the knack. 

In Conclusion, if you decide to start betting professionally, you must master the above betting strategies as professional sports bettors do. But most importantly, you must find the right betting strategy that suits you.