The most popular game in Japan. PlayNgo is the game provider brand.

The most popular game in Japan. PlayNgo is the game provider brand.

Play the best Go Slots  

Now that you know which slots in Play’s innovative studios are the best to play right now, let’s take a look at each specific slot machine to see what makes them special. ムーンプリンセスUnusually identical with the titles of classic Japanese anime, including echoes of the most famous anime types to date.

Moon Princess Slot Machine

Japanese anime has everything from Sailor Moon to Dragon Ball Z and FullMetal Alchemist. A new introduction from Play, the top online slot developer, brings the brand into the world of anime in a different way. Their new Free ムーンプリンセススロット machine is a new addition to the online poker experience, merging the anime classic theme with the high-action online casino game style that creates a modern trend in online casinos.

PlayGan has added extra focus to match all types of online slot machines as it is mobile-optimized as support for online Android and iPhone, as well as tablet computer support. Moon Princess is a great choice for all players who like the most up-to-date style of online poker.

Moon Princess: Roy

There’s a lot going on here, so Moon Princess needs to be experienced in the flesh to get a true sense of what’s going on. All this talk of princesses, love, and moons may be friendly to some but hopefully not because Moon Princess is a top slot that is wonderfully designed.

These kinds of games come with almost all the roles and Moon Princess can certainly roll with their best. Combos take filled meters, modifiers, free spins in and out. The chains of the winners can seemingly pop when they are running well. It’s extremely fickle to remember, so every spin isn’t going to be an epic of glory.

Moon Princess RTP and instability

Moon Princess is a high volatility slot with a player return of an average of 69.5% which means you have to be patient to land a big win and although they may not often come as low and medium opening slots, it is a must. Worthwhile

If you are in no hurry and get time to sit back, relax and take in the gameplay, then a slot like Moon Princess may be right for you. Hopefully, your patience will be finalized and you will be rewarded with the most sought-after amount.

Slots similar to Moon Princess


Jamaica is another PlayGone offer that incorporates the same cascading grid found in the Moon Princess. However, instead of following the anime theme, Jamaican uses crystals to create winning combinations. There many similarities with the gameplay, players encouraged to clear the grid for bonus rewards. But more win combos and additional features will be available. The XID id grid is larger than Moon Princess but incorporates the same unique image that helps make it one of the most popular games in Play Go.

The most popular game in Japan. PlayNgo is the game provider brand.

Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is a sickly sweet slot that is more than a fair share of cascading symbols and bright colors. The reels filled with a variety of candies, which allow special candies to take their place and give you extra wins. Like the Pop Moon Princess, one more feature can be met for access – the Moon Princess has given us a multiplier, while Sugar Pop gives you more. Let special symbols flatten and unlock. The offer has a lot of features.  Bonuses for those who want to take up a lot of space in the gameplay.


This is another online slot from Plain Geo with a format similar to Moon Princess. It has cascading wins and a huge range of unique bonuses that allow you to land wins in a variety of ways.

Super Graphics Super Lucky

With similar Japanese themes, Super Graphics Super Lucky is more in line with a classic-described slot than Moon Princess. Although it is reminiscent of a casino-style fruit machine with bells, lucky 7s, cherries, and lemons. This slot has a twist in the shape of Japanese characters and characters that are across. There are free spins, multipliers, and a jackpot bonus waiting to win.

Sakura Fortune

Another Japanese-themed slot featuring the powerful princess is Sakura Fortune. The slot opens with the princess, her samurai complete with swords, while flowers bloom all around her. There are wild resins, free spins, and mystery nose features to help keep the game alive. It’s a lively slot with beautiful aesthetics that rivals the Moon Princess.

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