Tips You need to know for better running and best physic on treadmill

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It’s no secret that watching Netflix and endless reviews of Instagram feeds has made Americans more sedentary.

As screen time becomes more common in our daily lives, every American sits about an hour a day more than a decade ago – according to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

You’ve probably put more time into the room nowadays, and working together will increase relaxation and time. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to exercise your daily routine and keep your body moving with cardio.

Knowledge of machines and angle, running has many useful functions. It is an excellent choice for runners when bad weather or safety problems make it difficult to escape from abroad. Follow these tips to use a ‘tree’ for a fast, fun and safe run.

Warm up

It’s a lot of fun to go cycling and start training. However, just like running outside, you need to warm up before entering the difficult part of the run.

Warming strengthens your joints, sends oxygen to your nerves, and raises your temperature so they can function normally.

Know your garden equipment

Get acquainted with the various elements of the machine you use to increase your physical activity. If you use a treadmill in the gym, ask your coach to pass it with your skill before you start, as this generally does not happen from the start. There are most bikes:

This screen is used to help evaluate your workout (although the portable screen is shorter, you are not expected to hold your hand).

It sells a small computer that shows you how fast you are gaining calories – but remember, it’s not enough to read these books because it depends on your age, weight, gender, and so on. In general, you always train like this at every opportunity, and your “calorie intake” increases, which indicates that you are improving.

An event or time that will help you focus on your speed. These can be good because they allow you to set and not see (there is no change by clicking as you move).

The speedometer shows how fast you are. This is generally miles per hour. If you have to rely on a one-minute mileage plan, take a look at this diagram.

Use a little memo

Place the piece between% 1 and% 2. Due to the lack of air resistance, the mountains are mixed outside. Obviously, if you are starting on a new treadmill, it would be a good idea to set the bike slope to zero until you improve your health and increase your comfort level on the bike.

In any case, do not be discouraged. Keep up the level and free views like a little run: Easy! If you looked at a newspaper because you were sweating in the area, you probably wouldn’t be silent. Even if it’s wrong to run some or all of your speed and speed (a simple day is important), you should be here to try to introduce yourself.

Go fast for each part of your workout or lean towards the goal you are testing. A workout time (back and forth between the two) where you work out for a while and then rest for another workout is a great way to increase your speed. It can be extended to prepare several times a week (not two days).

Try not to be too steep

At the same time do not place the slope too steeply (over 7%) – it will put a lot of tension on your back, hips and legs.

Some runners admit to having done incredible workouts (over 2%) when they challenge a dangerous slope to complete the required unexpected accelerations. In any case, running so far is never a wise idea and can cause injury. Think of it all: outside, you can never follow a 3-mile trend with 5 or 6 percent.

Try not to get caught in the handlebar or console

Some groups accept the need to hold on to your back when walking or running on a treadmill. But the back only helps you get in and out of the treadmill.

There are several problems with the rails. First, it forces you to slow down more than a wasteful running structure, which can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Keep your posture straight and upright. The head should be raised, the back straight and the shoulders straight.

Try not to lean

Try to keep your body conspicuous. There is no point in leaning forward when the treadmill pulls your legs back. If you bow to the above, you may experience neck and back pain or lose your balance.

This can help in a standing position (placing the shoulders on the thighs, pulling the abdomen) before going on the treadmill, during the warm-up and sometimes during the run.

Try not to look down

It is difficult not to go through the control center regularly to see how much distance or distances are left, but if you look around, your running structure will stop. All in all, try not to look at your feet. You are likely to run, which can cause back and neck pain.

Pay attention to your step

You have to run on the treadmill exactly as you do outdoors. Try to run your usual walk and stop to take short uneven steps. If your structure goes off, slow down until you feel you are using the right structure. At this point, step by step, increase the speed.

Remember hydrates

You can lose a lot more water when you run outdoors on the treadmill, as less air protection helps you cool down. 6 Keep the water jug ​​easily accessible and in any case 4-6 ounces, as you run regularly on a treadmill.

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