Top 10 Best Sports Bikes in India for 2021

The Indian two-wheeler market underwent a 180-degree turn in the past decade when the Indian bikes started shedding their economic commuter image, and they started getting more attention as aggressive-looking sports bikes. 

A unique feature of the sports bikes in the Indian market is that they are not limited to a particular displacement segment, as you get a superb range starting from 125 cc to 1000 cc. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the ten best sports bikes in India. Let’s get started. 

  • Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

India’s first truly-faired bumblebee lookalike bike continues to be a show stopper, and its current version packs some serious punch. The whole aggressive headlamp and elevated back seat give an actual moto GP feel to the rider as the motorcycle churns an impressive 24.13 bhp. The 199.5cc engine offers you a good 35 kilometres for a litre of petrol.

  • Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

The decade-old streetfighter from Bajaj is a hot-favourite among pick-up lovers who wish for a sporty bike suited for Indian conditions. The NS comes with a refined 199 cc engine and generates 23.8 bhp power. The wet multi-disc of the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 gives an unmatched riding experience, and the brakes do their job pretty well. 

  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F

We know you were expecting this old workhorse in the list. Bajaj has already sold lakhs of 220s in the Indian market, and the craze refuses to die down. The faired and slim sports bike runs on a 220 cc engine with 19.8 bhp power.

  • Bajaj Dominar 400

Many riders consider the Dominar 400 to be the best Sports bikes in India as its muscular body, rugged build quality, and comfortable ride experience make it a faithful street companion even for longer runs. The Dominar comes with a 373.27 cc engine and churns impressive 39.42 bhp power.

  • KTM Duke 200

Talking about sports bikes, we certainly cannot leave out the famous orange rockets. KTM Duke is a top-selling motorcycle in the sports non-faired segment, and it provides an unmatched power of 25.4 bhp for a 200 cc bike and strong road presence. 

  • KTM RC 200

The faired version of the Duke is a top-selling bike in India, which is undoubtedly closest to a proper sports bike with a fully-faired body, elevated pillion seat, crouch riding position, and unmistakable exhaust sound. It runs on the same engine as its non-faired brother that churns 25.4 bhp power.

  • Bajaj Dominar 250

After the great success of Pulsars, Bajaj took things to a new level in the sports streetfighter segment with its Dominar two-wheeler, and it didn’t disappoint the Pulsar lovers on any parameter. The muscular-looking motorcycle runs on a 248.8 bhp that generates 26.63 bhp power.

  • Bajaj Pulsar 180F

Younger brother to the legendary 220F, the Pulsar 180F is no less than its elder brother in terms of style and appeal. It borrows its body and frame from the 220 variant but is powered by a 178 cc engine which generates 16.6 bhp power. 

  • KTM Duke 125

We already mentioned that KTM is unbeatable in the city ride and sports segment, and the Italian bike manufacturer leaves no stone unturned in touching all the segments of buyers. Its KTM Duke 125 is targeted to the budding bikers or daily commuters who look for power, style, and mileage. The bike runs on a 125 cc engine, which churns 14.4 bhp max power.

  • KTM RC 125

If the KTM 125 meets your requirements, but you were looking for a faired motorcycle, you can go for the RC version. It looks very similar to its elder RC brothers from the rear, but it’s unique graphics and aggressive front adds a lot of character to the bike. The see-through visor looks fantastic as well.


A two-wheeler is a stylish and economical option to commute and travel. With so many elegant choices on the list, you can choose your ride buddy by evaluating your requirements.