Top reasons to choose React Native for your mobile App in 2021


Do you need to know why there’s so much talk about React Native? or why this particular framework is popular among developers? 

Let us see. 

A business needs a mobile App for better growth and to bring awareness among people about why/what they offer. I think everyone would agree to it. So, what frameworks will be better suited to accomplish this task? 

Before choosing a framework, every business should analyze these checklists. 

  • Cost of development – Is it affordable 
  • UI/UX designs – To ensure excellent user experience 
  • Time to market – To plan other business activities, the sooner the better 
  • Maintenance and upgrade cost– Is the framework Flexible and support third-party integrations 

Moreover, using the necessary tools the framework has is also significant to ensure the quality of the mobile App. Considering all these factors, React Native tops the chart with its outstanding qualities which are stated below. 

Based on Google trends, React Native is the most searched term compared to its rival frameworks like Xamarin and Native Script. 

React Native – A reliable cross-platform framework

The first and foremost attractive quality of React Native is it is a solid cross-platform framework. Let’s assume you need to develop a mobile App for your business. You have two ways to achieve it – Native App development or cross-platform App development. 

If you go for the Native method, you need to develop two different Apps – iOS and Android. This method has its own perks like the ability to work with in-built features, responsive and robust experience, etc. However, it requires a huge cost of development and takes more time to market. 

This is where React Native comes into play, it allows the reuse of code so that App can be developed and run on both iOS and Android platforms.  

React Native – Most trusted framework

React Native is strengthened by the support of one of the largest tech giants – Facebook. Plus, Facebook has proven its involvement in the framework by addressing the community’s issues. For instance, many improvements have been including, 

  • Documentation overhaul 
  • Renewed error screen 
  • Version upgrade helper tool 
  • Updated hot reload in addition to general fixes 

Moreover, a vast community of developers helps by adding utility and value to the platform with a motive to make it more efficient. Furthermore, many top firms from different industries adopt React Native to make their tech stack effective. Those companies include Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Airbnb, Instagram, Skype, etc. 

React Native – Ensure stable App growth

The mobile App industry is highly dynamic as well as unstable. However, React Native development ensures stable growth due to its efficiency of components. This is one of the greatest perks of choosing this framework. Additionally, the entire development is synchronized. This enables the marketing team to plan the release of the App and take necessary actions for maximum attraction. 

Moreover, it offers Live and Hot reloading that gives the ability to handle multiple tasks easily.

  • The Hot Reloading feature is based on the Hot Module Replacement (HMR). In other words, it is an inter-mediator that assists in updating the files and keeping them separately while the App functions.
  • Live Reloading is a great tool for compiling and reading the file. If a developer makes changes, the simulator reads the App from the beginning. This consequently saves a lot of time.

React Native – Offers great UI/UX

This is another useful quality of React Native, it has the power to create great UI/UX. A mobile App interface plays a crucial role in impressing users. A bad experience will affect the business’s reputation greatly.   

However, working with React Native, it is easy to implement changes and iterate them on a mobile UI. There’s no need to wait hours to preview the UI changes in the App. Also, this framework is equipped with a huge collection of third-party libraries, guides/tutorials, and documentation which comes in handy during development. 

React Native – Provides rapid App development

Launching the App at the right time is the key to gain popularity among your target audience. Hence, using React Native you can launch your mobile App in less time. Thanks to its in-built features, third-party plug-ins, etc. 

These qualities are what make React Native a robust mobile app development framework. But, it’s also worth mentioning that this is a mature framework that also capable of developing web, and desktop applications. 

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Final thoughts

To sum up, React Native is a simple to use framework. Moreover, any developer with a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS can effectively build an App. Also, it needs no separate training or learning, therefore eliminates a lot of time. Besides, it enjoys a strong community back up and the regular introduction of awesome new features. It’s no wonder if this fastest-growing JavaScript framework dominates the entire App development industry in coming years.