What to do when Epson Printer Filter Failed on Mac Error

Epson Printer Filter Failed

Epson is a hardware manufacturing industry and best known for PCs, and other gadgets like printers. These printers are very reliable and cost-effective. If you need a quality printer at good prices then Epson is a good choice. These printers are easy to connect and the settings are also very simple. But some Epson printer users have faced a printer filter failed error message on the screen. This error message appears on Apple devices. The printer shows the error due to some issues with the driver. 

Troubleshooting Epson printer filter failed error message

Reinstall the driver on your system

When your Epson printer is not working and you are getting the error code on your screen then you should check the installed driver. When the driver is outdated; it starts getting the error. Open the driver and then check for your new update. Download Epson driver update on the Mac. Restart the system and now try to run the printer. If the error was occurring due to driver failure then updating it will fix it.

But when the driver is still showing the error then you need to reinstall it. Repairing the Epson Printer driver may need professional help. You can reinstall a driver easily. Go to applications and uninstall the corrupted Epson driver. Now open the web and install a new driver. Restart the Apple device and check for Epson printer filter error.

Reinstall cartridge on the printer

Epson printer filter failure issues appear when your printer is unable to find the cartridge. This error mainly appears when a user has installed a new cartridge. The status monitor can’t fetch the printer and then start showing an error code. In the Epson printer, the user gets an error code when he is using a clone cartridge. Open your printer and then take out all the cartridges. Now reinstall them and check the error. Once the printer recognizes the cartridge then try to take your printouts.

Remove all pending jobs from Epson

Epson printers show errors when the memory is full. This occurs when the user is taking printouts continuously. When the print queue is full and the user gives a new command then the printer gets into error. You have to troubleshoot the error by removing all the pending jobs on the printer. When you see an error code then you should delete all the pending jobs.

  1. Go to Apple menu
  2. Tap on the System Preferences 
  3. Select Printers & Scanners option
  4. Check for the Epson printer on available devices
  5. Double-click on Epson and the print queue will open
  6. You will see the print jobs

Remove all the print jobs from the printer and then hit the Confirm button. After deleting all the print jobs; give a new print command. Check the printer whether the Epson filter error gets resolved or not.

Check the Printhead of Epson

While taking printout; the printhead gets heated for imprinting the characters on the page. But when the user takes lots of printouts simultaneously; the printhead gets overheated. It will stop working and the Epson printer not printing properly. Open the printer and check the printhead. If it is overheated then you should turn off the printer until the printhead cools down. Also, check for the damage. If the printhead or fuser gets damaged then you have to get a new one. After installing a new printhead; try to take a new printout.

Scan the computer with antivirus

Printers can get into errors when the device has a malware infection. You should scan the whole device with anti-malware. You will require an antivirus that can remove all the threats from delete. Get a premium anti-malware that can remove all the viruses. After removing all the viruses from the system; reopen it and then check for Epson printer error. When you are still getting Epson filter failure errors then ask for technical help.