How To Fix a Fortnite Crash: Error 0xc00007b Or UE4-FortniteGame


0xC00007B mistakes in fortnite are brought about by Windows not approaching a necessary reliance to run an application.

The mistake is characteristic of either a framework blunder or some other issue with the documents of Windows.

In respect Fortnite, and how the framework might show the mistake when you endeavor to stack the game,

the appropriate response is to guarantee that you have the necessary conditions effectively introduced – and open – on your framework. Also, Check- error code 524 roblox

While this is a serious troublesome interaction, the hidden truth is that it’s a typical issue for Windows to experience the ill effects of reliance issues; the arrangement is to guarantee everything is working with the game.


As referenced, the 0xC00007B blunder demonstrates that your framework needs a specific record to run an application, yet doesn’t have it.

The blunder isn’t explicit to Fortnite; it can show for an assortment of uses, and is a Windows mistake.

It will commonly show with the accompanying message:

The application couldn’t begin accurately (0xC00007B). Snap OK to close the application.

The greatest issue with this blunder specifically is the absence of clarification of what really lead it to show. Numerous different mistakes clarify the document or setting which caused the special case, not this.

To tackle the issue, you need to either pinpoint the issue or work on various potential fixes with the expectation that one will settle it.


As referenced, the mistake has a horde of causes. In any case, to get the arrangement – you need to ensure you have the fitting conditions introduced and open on your framework.

On account of Fortnite, any semblance of DirectX, Unreal Engine, Visual C++ and.NET are totally needed to guarantee the game can really run. Along these lines, the primary port of call is to ensure they are accurately introduced. Also, Check- Warframe gyromag system

To do this, you need to follow these means:

  1. Change Fortnite Application Settings

The initial step is very straightforward – change its application settings to guarantee that it can run accurately in Windows.

To do this, you should have the option to find the “Parallels” for the game, which is filed with the accompanying advances:

Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your console

Type “adventurer” into the container and press “Alright”

Peruse to the accompanying: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64

Right-click onto “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” and select “Properties”

From the tabs at the highest point of the screen, select “Similarity”

At the lower part of the window, check “Cripple fullscreen advancements”

Check “Run this program as overseer”

Snap “Alright”

Subsequent to doing this, have a go at running the game once more. On the off chance that the mistake continues (which it probably will), you’ll need to advance with the accompanying advances.

  1. “Check” Fortnite

On the off chance that the above doesn’t work, you should “check” the Fortnite establishment.

To do this, you need to stack up the Epic Games launcher application and run the check interaction. On the off chance that you can’t open the launcher, you’ll need to jump to the subsequent stage.

Peruse to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame (or any place your Fortnite game is introduced)

Find the Win64\Binaries envelope + erase it

Snap onto your work area > click onto the “Epic Games Launcher” symbol

At the point when the launcher loads, click onto the “Fortnite” tab

On the “Dispatch” (green) button, select the machine gear-piece

From the rundown that shows up, select “Check”

This will require some investment, however will basically re-introduce the Fortnite executables so the game can work once more

After this cycle finishes, restart your framework and attempt the game once more

The probability is that this won’t permit the game to run appropriately once more. The issue with the game probably comes from a harmed, broken or inconsistent reliance on Windows.

  1. Re-Install The Game

This is very uncommon, yet on the off chance that you have the tolerance to do it – ought to guarantee that the issue is settled.

To do it, you need to follow these means:

In Windows 7, click onto “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add/Remove Programs”

In Windows 10, right-click onto the “Start” button > select “Applications and Features”

From the rundown, select “Fortnite” just as the “Epic Games Launcher”

Uninstall both

After the uninstall cycle finishes, restart your framework

Download another form of Fortnite from the Epic Games site

Introduce it new on your framework

This ought to guarantee that your PC can peruse the different documents and so forth that the game requires (IE guarantee that the mistake isn’t with the actual game, rather Windows).

  1. Re-Install Visual C++

The subsequent stage is to re-introduce the Visual C++ redistributable bundles which exist to help Windows run different applications.

To guarantee this isn’t the issue, you need to utilize the accompanying strides to fix it:

In Windows 7, click onto “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add/Remove Programs”

Windows 10, right-click “Start” > select “Applications and Features”

In the wake of doing this, look to the “Visual C++ Redistributable” segment

Make a note of each adaptation introduced on your framework (counting the “x86/x64” engineering)

Uninstall every one of them

Restart your PC

After the uninstallation cycle finishes, and your framework restarts, peruse to the Internet and look into “Visual C++ redistributable most recent downloads”.

Snap the top connection that shows (it ought to be “Microsoft”) and download the different VC++ forms that you recorded prior to eliminating them.

Whenever you’ve introduced the different VC++ libraries once more, restart your PC and afterward take a stab at running the game. On the off chance that the fix worked, the game should work.

  1. Re-Install Unreal Engine

After re-introducing VC++, you should attempt with Unreal Engine.

Incredible Engine is the apparatus which controls the Fortnite game, and was created by Epic Games.

At times, the motor might become adulterated or harmed, prompting mistakes like the one you’re encountering.

To determine this, you can re-introduce the motor:

Peruse to “C:/Program Files/Unreal Engine”

Snap on “Uninst.exe”

Follow the means to uninstall the motor

Once complete, go to the Internet and quest for “Unbelievable Engine Download”

Snap the main connection and save the executable to your framework

Run the executable documents which are saved

Have a go at pursuing Fortnite again – establishment finishes

  1. Use Dependency Walker

In case you’re actually seeing the mistake, it merits calling attention to a device that many individuals won’t consider – Dependency Walker.

Reliance Walker shows which “conditions” an application utilizes – and accordingly which documents it needs to run.

In the event that your framework doesn’t have the fitting record, it will appear as red inside this application.

In case you’re ready to run this framework appropriately, it should bring up which records are absent from your framework – permitting you to re-introduce the important bundles to make it work once more:

Snap onto your favored web search tool and search for “Reliance Walker download”

You should discover a page that features “depends.exe”

From here, download the adaptation viable with your framework

Run it and select the Fortnite executable document (it’s the “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” record from Step 1)

Recognize any of the records which might be absent

In the event that you discover any records that it specifies, you should look online for which bundle they are a piece of, and re-introduce said bundle.


Subsequent to doing this, you should test the game and in the event that it *still* doesn’t work, it for the most part implies that you either disapprove of Windows itself – or some other library/bundle.

To determine the issue now, it’s firmly suggested you look for more explicit help (beyond what can be given in an Internet article). To do this, you should look online at networks like SuperUser or Microsoft Answers.

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