How to Get Webinar Attendees

How to Get Webinar Attendees

Webinars have been the most important platform for organisations to conduct presentations, workshops and training sessions. Hosting a webinar has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Today, we see brands utilising the platform more in their development strategies in order to get more qualified leads, grow connections, and broaden their brand awareness.

Despite having multiple advantages offered by a webinar platform, many organisers still find it difficult to strengthen their existing partnerships and bring in new participants to their event.  Now you also may have the same question like they have- How to optimise the overall percentage of attendees during their webinar. This goes beyond maximising registration numbers. If you want to level up your engagement and participation, keep this in mind that it is not just about getting attendees at your event, but also about ensuring they will be present during the live webinar session.

Following are the tips that might help you reach your potential attendees within time while also preventing you from making mistakes in the future.

What is a Virtual Webinar?

How to Get Webinar Attendees

A webinar is a web-based confederate that enables people to interact and listen to a speaker or presenter via a webcam solution and clear their doubts right away. A virtual webinar is generally designed for medium to small members wherein they could gather for a confidential discussion, workshops, or any other training session.

In order to promote viewer engagement, the platform offers many interactive tools such as live chat or polls which can be delivered live rather than recording it prior to the event begins. The platform has the following benefits:

A webinar platform is considerably user-driven and sustainable.

You can easily reach global attendees seamlessly.

Leverage 24hr access alongside on-demand content.

Take advantage of attendee management tools in a flexible environment.

A webinar platform is extremely cost-effective and eliminates the carbon footprint of the environment.

Have effortless access to individual’s profile and data

Given below are the tips that can help you scale up your next webinars and boost your webinar attendance effectively.

Set Goals and Know the Number

Assuming that your attendees will show up at your event is just not enough. Rather than worrying about who will show up and who will not, it is better that you sketch out your event goals. You can further categorise the goals into two segments. The first one is to set a registration goal & the second one is to set an actual attendance goal. Once you are done deciding your objectives, it is now time to observe your registered attendees- the one who is present during the session. With the help of this observation, you can gauge how many audiences are you willing to invite in your future webinars to make sure you hit the right number of attendees at your webinar.

Choose the Context Wisely

Perhaps the most important thing in a webinar is the context you choose in order to plug in more participants. After the spread of the virus, people are left with very limited options to grow their mindset and gather information which is new and trending. Hence to analyse what they are looking for, you must first understand your audience’s perspective and know what interests them. With the help of this information, your attendees may feel valued and in return increase your show-rates. But this can be difficult at times, as every individual holds their personal preferences which may repel from another audience. Therefore, coming up with a common ground topic that may entice, inform, and also provide usefulness to your audience is ultimately showing a positive response in your attendance graph.

Pre-Event Polls

Knowing each of your audience personally could take months to figure out what they want. Thereby, it becomes highly critical to conduct a pre-event survey that involves questions surrounding your sessions. Through this live polling, you can easily derive what your audience wants and provide a better learning experience to them. If your pre-event poll works wonderfully, it can have a huge impact on your audience participations and attendance. So think in advance, note your previous polls experience and create a room for improvement.

You can also send post-webinar polls to your participants in order to gather ideas and information on the areas which according to your attendees could have been better. Through this, organisers can develop a better event perspective and work on the areas in the future.

Create an Eye-Catching Incentive

Willing to entice more participants at your webinar? Go with an attention-grabbing incentive that your attendees possibly may not miss. Think of an exciting participation incentive that can encourage your prospects to engage themselves more into your event. For instance, create an enticing giveaway that gives value and offers something to remember to your event audiences. You can include free gifts, vouchers, ebooks, products which your sponsors are promoting ( this will also allow visibility to brands) or even coupon discounts on their favourite products.

You know the best way of creating hype about your webinar is social media. Hosting a social media contest prior to the event can bring in last minute registrants as well. How? Well, if you are designing an appealing contest forum alongside exciting giveaways, who wouldn’t participate. This will not only market your webinar but also offer amazing incentives for participants, hence it’s a win/win for both.

Promote Your Webinar on Your Website and Other Social Media Channels

Lastly, the most important of all is the promotion of the event. Keep in mind, even though your plans and strategies are extremely new and creative, if you do not promote it well- None will attend your event! Start with designing an attractive landing page on your website because your website directly replicates your event intentions. Therefore, add everything starting from who, what, where, to when and why! You can also speak about the swag bags and gifts to appeal to more audiences at the virtual event.

Besides that, social media is yet another essential part of promotion. These channels can directly hit a huge mass of audiences within a fraction of time. Ensure to carefully use the event resources while marketing your event. Take use of relevant hashtags and imagery at every place possible. Graphics can grab the attention of audiences and create an impactful experience throughout! You can also ask your keynote speakers or special guests to put your event’s posts on their social media account in order to optimise more reach.

Over to You

While planning to host your first ever webinar, you must have an open mind to expand your creativity level, focus, and deliberation. Take time when preparing for your webinars as this will be your first time to meet your audience. Hence, it should go well and give you an opportunity to reach out potential prospects with the help of robust & modern webinar techniques that can efficiently scale up to any size of audience hassle-free. Involve the five top tips mentioned-above for better engagement, participation, and interaction at your future virtual webinars.