Keep these things in your mind before buying xbox series x headset

Toy helmets are often busy objects that are rarely adorned with attractive lights, buttons, and logos. Fortunately, Microsoft has decided to keep it simple with best xbox series x wireless headset 2021. The matte black plastic look is no doubt interrupted by the Green Accents on both sides of the Xbox, making it the perfect partner for the same Xbox X series with low keys.

The front of the right disc has a finely engraved Xbox logo, which is pretty cool. And if you look at the earplugs and leather containers at full size, you’ll see small, recessed holes that don’t seem to do anything but look beautiful again.

Features of Microsoft Xbox

And let’s talk about these dials because they have the best features of a new helmet. The first time you check your Xbox Wireless Headset, you’ll find that it has no buttons. This is because Microsoft has a rotating frame attached to the side of each headset that is familiar to anyone who has used iteration of Surface headphones. They work well, you can fine-tune the volume with the right selection button, the combined audio streams on the left (see the next section for more information). It’s a really intuitive system, and we’re surprised that Microsoft’s competitors haven’t made it to the general headset arena yet.

The headphones have two buttons, a microphone mute and a power button, but otherwise everything you can control with the headphones yourself is done with a jograd. Unlike Surface headphones, you won’t find any touch controls here, so you can’t play / pause music, skip a song, or answer a call from headphones.

Xbox wireless headphones are more than comfortable enough, but your ears are sure to warm up under these pads during longer games. The steel headband doesn’t feel heavy on your head (total weight is relatively small at 312 grams), and while you’d rather go with ear cups than obvious competitors like SteelSeries, we think the headphones fit best. hollow shape. Weapons also need a little effort to adapt, so they aren’t if you carry them, which is good. The flexible boom is also well designed, so you can easily move and extend the microphone away from your face when you’re not using it.

There is only one port that charges the USB-C, and the headphone jack is missing.

Xbox Wireless Headset Connection

Another prominent feature of the Xbox Wireless Headset is multipoint connectivity. The headset connects wirelessly and instantly to your Xbox Series X | near the S or Xbox One brand’s own wireless connection protocol (you simply hold the power button on the headset and do the same on the console), but it also has Bluetooth 4.2 enabled, which allows you to connect to your phone or tablet at the same time.

This allows you to listen to music or a podcast on Forza Horizon 4 by whispering without losing the in-game audio stream, or chatting with friends while playing Discord. You can customize the sound of the game and chat with the left button, so it’s very easy to set up. It’s hardly a revolutionary feature, but it’s handled fantastically well here, and given the £ 100 price tag, it’s really impressive.

Quround Sound Gaming

Microsoft has given Quround Sound Gaming quite a bit before launching the Xbox X Series, so it’s no surprise that the Xbox Wireless Headset supports a trio of surround sound standards, including its own Windows Sonic technology, Dolby Atmost and DTS headphones: X, for the latter two you need an app on your console and current subscription, but there are free trials and the ability to add Dolby Atmos supported games like Slave and Will of the. Rate Wispsit and Gears 5 perfectly, even if the sound layout is all done virtually.

When you go to Xbox Accessories on your Xbox or Windows 10 computer, you’ll find a multi-mode EQ with a bass volume feature, though when we get to the second, you probably won’t need it.

The app also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone’s auto mute feature (you can simply mute it with a button if you wish), such as the brightness of the mouth light and your voice monitoring.

One more thing to note: when you’re paired with your Xbox and within range, the headset turns on the console when you turn it on, which can be more than a little annoying if you don’t want to play it. At the time of writing, we still have to work out whether this can be disabled.


We had to wait for the Xbox One wireless headset, but it was worth it. Filled with big eyes, great sound and features, the Xbox 90 Headset is hard to find.

Probably only for Xbox and PC gamers, since you can use it instead of headphones for everyday listening, we probably won’t use it. This is, of course, set up for the game, and you’ll probably see a multifunction button. There are no screens that tell Microsoft to keep your headphones at home.

However, if you’re collecting money for the Xbox X system and you want the number below for the three added topics, don’t look for an Xbox headset.