Know What is Digital Investment, along with Safe Options and Tips

The digital era makes it easier for us to do many things, one of which is investment, with digital investment. Investment is something that is recommended for those who have financial goals in the future, including business actors who want to raise capital to develop their business in the future.

If you are interested in starting digital investing, you can get information related to this investment, such as the options, advantages, disadvantages, and tips for safe investing online in this article. So, stay tuned!

What is Digital Investment?

Investment is an activity carried out to gain profit by investing or transacting in an instrument.

From this understanding of investment, it can be concluded that digital investment or online investment is an investment activity to gain future profits through an online platform.

Usually, the online platform for making digital investments can be in the form of a website or an application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Investment

Each type of investment certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. Following are the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Digital Investment

Compared to offline investing, online investing has several advantages, including:

Saving time.

Can start investing with a small amount.

The transaction process is easy because it can be done anywhere.

Can be a long term savings.

Easy to monitor.

Disadvantages of Digital Investment

Behind some of the advantages above, it turns out that online investing also has several disadvantages, such as:

Vulnerable to fraud.

Sometimes apps and systems crash.

Digital Investment Options

If you are interested in making profits with digital investments, there are many types of digital investments that you can choose from, such as gold investments, mutual funds, P2P lending, stock investments, and retail bonds.

Gold Investment

Since the first, gold has always been an item used for investment. The way to invest in gold is to buy it when the purchase price drops and sell it when the selling price is high.

Safe Tips in Digital Investing

As mentioned above, there are several drawbacks to online investing, one of which is being vulnerable to fraud. To reduce and minimize this risk as well as the risk of loss, here are some safe tips for digital investing that you need to know:

  • Choose applications that are legal and monitored directly by OJK. To check what applications are monitored by OJK, you can access the OJK website here.
  • Do not give important data (KTP, password, OTP, etc.) to other people.
  • Change PIN and password periodically.
  • Use a secure mobile network. Do not use public WiFi as it is vulnerable to hacking.
  • Understanding online investment plans.
  • Choose the right type of online investment according to your needs.
  • Understand the risks of online investing.

That’s information about digital investment, ranging from definitions, advantages, disadvantages, types, to tips on safe investing online. Although there are many benefits that you can get, make sure you think carefully before investing.