What Are the Best SEO Group Buys Services to Use?

What Are the Best SEO Group Buys Services to Use?

“SEO Group Buy” is a marketing service of reselling SEO tools, internet marketing services and general SEO services for business in the global marketplace. We offer SEO tools at the most affordable prices. Benefits include:

Largest following of any social media community:

Google+ Local: The Google+ Local category is one of the most popular social media communities on the web. It also has the largest following of any social media community with over two hundred million users. This enables SEO Group Buys to target audiences in locations that would not normally be considered for online marketing. For example, if you were interested in advertising in London, but didn’t want to advertise in Google Maps, you may want to consider using the SEO Group Buys tools to create a campaign specifically targeted for London. These tools could also be beneficial for those businesses that wanted to promote in London but didn’t want to spend the money on Google Maps.

Area: Google’s chief function is a fantastic additional tool for any SEO Group Buy campaign. The area locator allows you to find the address of any web page in seconds. As well as this useful function, the Google map maker tool within the SEO Toolbox suite allows you to easily create custom maps from any location in the globe. This will allow you to expand your clientele beyond your current geographical reach.

Keyword Research Tools:

Keyword Research Tools: This is perhaps the most important part of any SEO campaign. Without proper keyword research, it is virtually impossible to rank highly for a given keyword. Most SEO Group Buys don’t come with keyword research built-in, so this is an area where you should spend some time and focus before you make any purchases. There are a range of keyword research tools available online including Wordtracker and Overture. If you’re planning on doing your own keyword research, then it is worth looking at the free tools available online, as these can often give a good indication of what your competitors are doing. However, if you’re going to spend money on these tools then it’s a good idea to also purchase the Google AdWords Keyword Research tool so that you can get a more scientific idea of which keywords your competitors are bidding on.

Link Building Tools: Whilst you might think that using link building tools is a strange choice for an SEO group buy, it is one which will prove very beneficial. By building links across all your customers’ sites you’ll be able to extend your clientele. If you’re willing to spend a little money on these tools then there are a lot of different ones available on the internet. You’ll need to identify the ones which are most appropriate to your needs, and also to research them thoroughly. Check how many links are actually working for each of your customers’ sites.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics: If you sign up for the services of an SEO group buy service then the company will usually send you a free tool called Google Analytics. This tool is ideal because it tells you such interesting details as how many people visit your site, the amount of time that they spend on your site, and how popular your site is with both Google users and other webmasters. The most useful bit of information from this tool is the breakdown of traffic to your website, showing you which of the major search engines brought you the most visitors. The more popular your site is, the more people will probably be aware of your presence, which will in turn boost your sales.

Google Webmaster Tools: If you don’t already know about this fantastic tool, then it’s high time that you did! Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see exactly where your website is ranking within the search engines, how much search engine traffic is visiting your page, and even what keywords (search terms) are bringing you the traffic. From here you can fine-tune certain aspects of your site, such as your meta tags or title tags. These tools can save you days and nights, and can help you make more money from your SEO efforts. The best seo tools will not just offer these services, but also give you stats on how often your content is actually read, and how much bounce rate your page has.


All of these services are provided by some of the best SEO companies around, so there is no doubt that these guys know what they’re doing. However, if you don’t have the time to monitor Google statistics yourself, and want to buy SEO tools that will actually do the job for you, then you should probably sign up to one of these low cost SEO services. You’ll immediately see the difference in your rankings, and in your profits! A high bounce rate equates to low sales, so investing a few dollars towards an effective tool is definitely worth it.