Virtual events: To Be ‘Phygitally’ Present

By now, it is no surprise to anyone how COVID-19 has completely transformed our way of living. Right from carrying out day-to-day activities, working patterns to how events were hosted, a paradigm shift in patterns has been noted. With the onset of the global pandemic, the way we utilise technology has been completely transformed. Today, virtual events have become a significant part of our daily lifestyle. Right from shopping online to hosting events on a technology platform, it saved all!

As everyone was closed indoors and social distancing was mandated, in-person interactions were stopped completely. People are left with no other option rather than relying on the power of technology to keep going. In no time, virtual meetings and events swiftly replaced physical meetings and events. Today, hosting virtual and hybrid events have become a new trend that is likely to stay for long.

Over the course of the pandemic, Phygital event experiences have been booming. “ Phygital” stands for the convergence of physical and virtual experiences. Even after the world recovers from the halt of the pandemic, virtual events are not going anywhere anytime soon. Digital events powered by virtual event technology will deliver immersive phygital experiences to attendees globally.

In this blog, we will discuss phygital experiences delivered by virtual events. Let’s get started!

How virtual events can deliver phygital experiences to users?

Virtual events delivered phygital event experiences to attendees worldwide. Phygital events came into trend over the past year that delivered physical as well as digital experiences to attendees altogether. Let’s have a look at some practices that helped in delivering phygitally immersive experiences to users.

Top-notch virtual event technology to enhance the attendee experience

With the emergence of the pandemic, adapting virtual event technology has become the need of the hour. All the physical events have been shifted to a digital medium by leveraging the best virtual event technology and delivered impactful and immersive experiences.

Virtual event platforms enabled organisers to shift their live physical events online in a virtual space. They closely stimulated the experiences of in-person events in virtual realms. Additionally, the virtual event platform that is capable of supporting multiple platforms, reaches the screen of diverse attendees effortlessly. Thus, resulting in delivering phygital experiences.

The virtual event platform that comprises an exuberant list of engagement and networking helps in delivering immersive event experiences and drive better engagements to the event. Attractive engagement and networking features like gamification, polls, leaderboard challenges, AI-matchmaking, 2-way video conferencing, and much more came into existence. It helps in delivering phygital experiences to attendees effortlessly.

These virtual event platforms enable organisers to host virtual events at scale in full HD quality. The higher bandwidth and 24*7 professional assistance enable organisers to host their phygital events smoothly without any glitch. Undeniably, virtual event technology is the most important tool that will help in delivering immersive event experiences to attendees even after the pandemic.

Compelling content delivered phygital experiences to users

Content is the king whether we talk about physical events or virtual events. It helps in delivering immersive and engaging event experiences along with knowledgeable and relevant information. When it comes to a virtual event, the need for creating compelling content becomes even more important. As attendees are attending an event via screen, the content that does not have the power to engage them will result in dropping off attendees in the middle. Having powerful and engaging content in your virtual events helps in delivering phygital experiences to attendees.

Once organisations have decided to transform their live physical events into a virtual environment focusing on creating quality content comes next. It helps in delivering real-life event experiences to users.

Organisers must curate content keeping potential attendees’ preferences in mind. It will help in engaging your target audience seamlessly with your event without much effort.

Enable breakout sessions amid your virtual event. It enables attendees to connect and network with other attendees present at the event and have free-flowing discussions.

Additionally, the content that is highly engaging along with relevant information and knowledgeable insights are likely to maximise event registrations. You can even have a look at analytics reports of previous events and analyse your potential attendee’s behaviour before creating content for the phygital event.

Know the right technology

The pandemic has opened the gateway to virtual events. With the advancement in technology realms, a wide range of options are available in the market for organisers to host their events digitally. Cutting-edge technology has curated a perfect virtual event platform that offers flexible formats, brilliant networking, engagement & event analytics features, and much more. It helps in maximising attendance by enhancing event reach, boosting engagements, generating revenues, and delivering phygital event experiences to attendees worldwide.

The virtual event platform that offers AR/VR gamification techniques helps in uplifting entire virtual event experiences. Thus, resulting in adding more value to your digital events.

The future of events lies within virtual and hybrid events

Even after the world recovers from the global pandemic, things will never be back to the same. The event landscape will not peddle back completely to physical events. During the course of the pandemic, organisers have realised, hosting virtual and hybrid events offered many merits that are beyond the capabilities of physical events. Right from reduced costs, carbon footprints to gathering real-time event data hybrid and virtual events offer all. It offers flexibility to attendees to attend an event right from their home comforts.

With the advancement in technology, various event formats came into existence that delivered immersive event experiences to attendees. It allows attendees to connect and network remotely in real-time with other participants.

As the world eases from the pandemic, in-person events paired with a virtual component will become the new normal. Hybrid events will become the mainstream thus adding more value to events and delivering immersive experiences.