Why WooCommerce Is The Best Platform for Service-Based Businesses

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What Is Service?

“Service is basically the act of helping others in maintaining or doing their work.”

This means service is to work or help that we do for an individual person or for any business organization. And when we talk about service businesses, it is a firm with a team of professionals and experts who deliver work for the benefit of customers.

Services are basically all those things that a company or firm provides its customers to make them more satisfied.

Selling services is slightly as common as selling products. Services are basically the products you are offering to your customers. As the products have variety, in the same way, there are different types of services also that a service provider business offers.

We can sell services online by separating the sales and amenities of services.Likewise the products, services can be sold online. For example, when it comes to selling service, it can be an hourly service, booked service, monthly service, etc. It could be a housekeeping service, doctor appointments, parlor appointments, etc.

And you will be very surprised to know that WooCommerce offers a host of plugins or extensions named “WooCommerce Booking Extension” that are helpful in performing these types of service.

But when it comes to providing digital services, such as logo designing, content writing, or any project consultation, you need a group of plugins to sell the services.

Why Should You Sell Services Online?

Selling services online will allow you to connect with more people and increase your outreach of business than ever before.

It will allow or build a system that will be helpful for your customers to find you easily. Leads can gear up your company via creating a pipeline that is full of converted leads and customers would be impatient to buy your services.

Benefits Of WooCommerce Service-Based Business

One of the biggest advantages to choose WooCommerce over another service-based business for selling services is; it is highly customizable. You can personalize your design and can add endless extensions or functionality to your site.

You can use the extension library and WooCommerce expert plugins to build an excellent, personalized solution for every customer.Various other benefits that make WooCommerce service-based business best are

Well Organized At One Place

When we talk about WooCommerce service-based business, it facilitates you with different platforms that will best manage your business at one place i.e. on your WordPress dashboard.

You can edit your website, can manage posts, blogs, clients, payments without skipping from the window.

Also, if you are selling digital products, all the products will be displayed at one place on the same screen which will avoid collisions, confusion and take less time.For instance, see the below image of how all the things are displayed on one screen:

Easy Online Payment

By using the WooCommerce service-based business plugin, you can easily sell services and take payment online. The easier things will be for our customers, the more they will engage with us. So, it is very important to take care of your customers, do not confuse or irritate them with your payment gateways, just make it easy for them.

And with WooCommerce, you can directly send a link of the services your customers are purchasing, that they can use to checkout on their phones or mobiles.

More Effective And Budget Friendly

WooCommerce plugins ensure to give the best and most effective facility to their customers.

It displays and lists your services in a very aesthetic manner. You can also use a search bar to find what exactly you are looking for. This gives a very pleasant experience to customers.

Besides this, they offer good discounts on bulk services that are for long terms. You can set the pricing by using the WooCommerce pricing plugin. This will help in creating discounts as per your customers’ customized product.

Product Bundle Or Up-sell And Cross-sell

Bundling WooCommerce service-based business is an excellent way to upsell what you are offering to your customers and convince your customer to use the service that will give you more profit.

You can use this by jumbling two or more services together using the extension WooCommerce Product bundle.

3 weeks of project development $200+ 1 hour of project consultations + other services

In this way, you can attract more customers and ensure more profits for yourself.You can see another example fromMakeWebBetter offer page, how they have provided the bundle of eCommerce sales booster. 

Besides this, without even installing or adding any extensions, WooCommerce service-based business offers you the ability to display the related services with upgraded plans while checking out.

Easy To Analyze

WooCommerce has built-in analytics. You can see the stats on who is purchasing your services, which product sale is best, on your WordPress dashboard.

This will make you aware of your best plans and your faults on where you are lagging behind and make your business more successful.

Manage Customers Via CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

Despite providing service, it is very important to manage customer data. It will help you to give a personalized experience to your customers which will enhance your user experience.

By managing the data of your customers, you have the opportunity to promote your services and brands by using email marketing.WooCommerce is easily compatible with so many CRMs like Agile, Salesforce, and many more.

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