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1 Month UAE Visa

1 Month UAE visa is a perfect tourist visa type in Dubai. Be it a romantic holiday with your partner, vacation with your kids, and a gateway with your friends, Dubai has an abundance of choices for all. If you want to visit Dubai for a short period of time then you would need a short-term 1 month Dubai. This short-term visa is good for single entry and single exit and is valid for 60 days.

Everyone wants to visit the UAE from across the world, but a citizen who does not belong to a visa-exempted nation is required to obtain a visa prior to travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You can get a UAE visa depending on your nationality. A 1 Month UAE visa is the best tourist visa for UAE. With the help of best tour and travel agency you will get your visa.

If you are planning a trip to the UAE to visit your friends or family and family, this visa that is valid for 30 days could be the ideal option for you. The requirement to obtain the 30 day UAE visa is varies upon your nationality. A 1 Month Dubai visa is an entry-only visa that permits you to stay in UAE for as long as 30 days. The validity of the visa is one year from the date issued, however, the duration of stay must not be longer than 30 days after your entry date into UAE.

UAE Visa For 1 Month

30-day visa Dubai is not accessible through the UAE Embassy. If you are interested in applying for this visa, you’ll need to contact a travel agent in UAE. They will take the required documents and submit documents to UAE officials who issue visas on behalf of you. They’ll gladly assist you. An agent for travel in the country can ask to provide you with a visa.

Apply for a UAE visa with the help of a travel agent is the most convenient task. So, now you can say goodbye to lengthy visa applications, tedious papers, and long queues because with a tour or travel agency, it is simple to obtain a Dubai tourism visa. In the technology-driven age and rapid advancement in technology, submitting for the Dubai visa is an easy process.

Dubai tourism has made it easy for visitors to get an entry visa. If we’re talking about Dubai there are a variety of kinds of visas available, but if you plan to visit to enjoy a holiday in Dubai, you’ll find a Dubai tourist visa will be the best option for you. There are two types of tourist visas, 30 days Dubai tourist visa and 90 days Dubai tourist visa. In accordance with the plan tourist visas for Dubai and the other emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are granted for 30 days or 90 days one entry and multiple entries.

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This visa is ideal for those looking to make several trips to the UAE within a period of 30 days. You can make as many visits in 30 days starting from the date you first enter into UAE. The requirement for getting a 30-day UAE visa varies based on the country of origin.

A 30-day UAE visa with multiple entries is a multi-entry visa that permits you to reside in UAE for thirty days or less. The validity of the visa will be for 60 days starting from the date issued. However, the duration of stay must not be longer than 30 days after your entry date into UAE. It is possible to travel multiple times to UAE within this period which is 30 days.

How to Apply for a visa to Dubai/UAE:

In these steps, you are able to apply to obtain an online 30-day UAE Visa:
  • Fill the visa application form carefully
  • You must provide the necessary documents to process an application for a visa
  • Make payment

After having reviewed your visa application the visa experts might ask you for more details in order to ensure that your visa application is processed in a timely manner.

 Who should apply for 1 Month UAE visa    

This visa is required for those who are not qualified for visa-free entry or a visa-on-arrival within the UAE. Any visitor from all over the world is eligible to apply for a 30 day UAE visa. A female who is less than 18 years of age is not able to apply for this visa unless her parents accompany her on the journey.

Requirements for 1 Month visa in Dubai and UAE    

Documents for tourists:

The Dubai visa process begins once the travel and tour agency has received clear scans of the following documents :

  1. The Visitor’s Scanned Passport Copy (valid minimum of 6 months)
  2. Passport Size photographs only with white backgrounds
  3. Visa charges

Documents Required for Guarantor

  1. Guarantor’s passport scan (valid for at least 3 months)
  2. Visa page duplicate (valid for at least 3 months)

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