5 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Japan for an Unimaginably wonderful Vacation

Water fall japan

For nature enthusiasts, the jaw-dropping scenery of these breathtaking waterfalls in Japan is a must-see.

Waterfalls are ever-changing, yet they remain consistent, embodying the wisdom in the impermanence of this permanent Universe. As the famous Italian Polymath Leonardo da Vinci once said,” Water is the Driver of Nature.” The meaning behind this is simply that for every element of Nature, water is the driving force(the energy behind). 

When talking about water, no one can leave waterfalls behind—the gorgeous creations by nature, soothing both for the eyes and the ears. And cascading waterfalls can be found all around Japan. Due to the remoteness of the mountains, many of these waterfalls are not easy to reach. However, the number of tourists and hikers has increased recently. The waterfalls indeed show some similarities, but each waterfall has its own reasoning for beauty. Here’s a list of 5 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Japan for an Unimaginably wonderful Vacation.

Visit these Serene Waterfalls and have a Peaceful time in Japan.

  • The Mightiest Kegon Falls in Nikko(Kegon no Taki)

Nikko is roughly at two hours distance from the capital city Tokyo. Been long-known for its beauty, Nikko has several jaw-dropping views and two major waterfalls. The most renowned among the two is Kegon Falls. It is less than 100 meters high, which is entirely different from the original peaceful surroundings. From late spring to early summer, dense plants overgrown with green trees cover the whole scenery making the scene even more beautiful. You can watch from the observation deck for free, or you can pay a fee to buy an elevator that takes you to the base, where you can observe the falling water more closely!

  • The Great Akiu Falls of Sendai(Akiu Otaki)

Akiu Great Falls is located in Miyagi Prefecture, widely regarded as one of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls. The Akiu waterfall near Sendai is not only a stunning sight. It also happens to be a famous leaf-watching spot in Japan. Drop into the gleaming river below 55 meters for a short hike to the bottom of the Japanese waterfall. Interested? Then make a United Airlines Book a Flight and reach Japan to enjoy yourself. For activities, you can stroll alongside the Rairaikyo Gorges rock formations, especially in spring or autumn, and admire the canyon’s general beauty. On the other hand, if you feel low at energy, you can relax in the tea house and enjoy the scenery.

  • Nomizo Falls in Chiba, making a Heart of Light(Nomizo no Taki)

Fans of fantasy may know that Japanese landscapes often depicted in anime will love Nomizo no Taki in Chiba Prefecture. Although technically a human-made waterfall, this fact does not detract from its fantastic novel aesthetics. Although waterfalls are generally known for their height, Nomizo no Taki is widely praised for its surreal atmosphere in the early morning from March to September. When sunrise is just beginning, the ringed stone opening gets hit by light, projecting an extraordinary heart-shaped light in the water below. Although the whole day is beautiful, it is best to plan your itinerary so that you can arrive early in the morning to enjoy this fantastic light show.

  • The Tallest permanent Waterfall-Shomyo Falls (Shomyo-daki)

Shomyo falls are indeed the highest waterfalls in Japan, with a height of 350 meters. Located in Tateyama, you can see a magnificent waterfall when you visit here. And during spring, when the snow melts, you can even witness another waterfall: Hannoki Falls. 

Hanoki falls flow alongside Shomyo, and sometimes to the right of Hannoki Falls is Somen Falls. Therefore, at the right time of year, Shomyo Falls is actually three waterfalls. These are the highest and influential in the country, which naturally leaves a deep impression on people. Sometimes, the mass of spray from the waterfall creates beautiful rainbows, which is a sight experience.

  • One of Japan’s Top 100, Hossawa Falls(Hossawa no taki)

Although it is not the only waterfall in Tokyo, Hosizawa Falls is the only waterfall among the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. Hinohara, a small village on the outskirts of Tokyo, can be reached in less than two hours by public transportation from the city center. The four-layer waterfall extends to a total of 62 meters at its bottom. Local legend says that a huge snake lives in a pool where water from Hossawa Falls is collected. This can explain why the year’s most popular visit time is winter, when the waterfall is completely frozen. 

”Every waterfall gives a hidden message that says if you are flexible enough, falling won’t hurt you.” a Turkish writer Mehmet Murat Ildan quoted, This means it’s okay to fall. Just be courageous enough to get back up and flaunt your scars. After reading our list of the 5 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Japan, If you are eager to visit here, try making Delta Airlines Book a Flight and visit its capital city, Tokyo. And, you can indeed have an unimaginably wonderful vacation this year.

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