7 Tips For Using Secure Wireless Internet Facility On Airports


7 Tips to use Secure Wireless Internet Facility On Airports – There is nothing more common nowadays to connect to the free WiFi and use your device while waiting. It is something we all do everywhere. Be it the airport, cafes or even a store, it is a common practice. The world is habitual of the internet and using it all times. For the same reason, public WiFi networks are a usual choice for many places. It would be typical for you to ask for the WiFi password when in a hotel or a restaurant. But, have you ever thought about privacy issues. Your data might be at risk when you connect to a public network.

The more the number of connected devices, the more is the risk. In an airport, there are hundreds of people using the network. You may not even give it a thought, but your privacy might be at risk there. Many hackers or criminals are lurking around just to get the private information of someone. It may be your bank details or passwords; it is crucial to protect them. You need to follow safety measures to use the public WiFi at the airport to protect your data. It will help have a safe experience and not be susceptible to any threat.

For example, when waiting for your Direct Flights To Hyderabad From USA, you might connect to the WiFi. It might be a good pastime to download the movies for your flight. But, the protection of your data should be the priority. You cannot risk it by downloading some show and regret it later. If you frequently connect to the airport public WiFi, keep reading.

Identify and confirm the correct network.

You will see there are many networks available at an airport. It is crucial to connect to the official one and confirm it. Many people use fake hotspots which resemble the official one. You will see identical names of networks available on your mobile or laptop.

It is better to look for the name of the official WiFi at the airport. It might be present near the charging slots or any other visible places. If you cannot find it, it is better to ask an attendant at the airport. You can also ask the name at the baggage check-in, and they would help you. It will prevent you from connecting to a fake network and risking the data.

Don’t click on any suspicious pop-ups.

You mustn’t follow or click any pop-ups that seem suspicious. It might not be legit or be a threat to your data. Avoid clicking on any such advances and get rid of them quickly. It will help avoid any problems before it turns into harm.

Even if you are sure about the legitimacy, avoid clicking on them. Also, don’t download any browsers or extensions it might advertise. It might be because you have connected to a fake network. Check the network and whether it is official if you keep getting such advertisements.

There would usually be an opt-in page.

Whenever you log into a hotel or an airport network, there will be a screen asking you to verify the details. It will require your email and an agreement on the terms. It is a sign that the network is official and legitimate. If you think a network is fake, it wouldn’t usually display such an option.

Re-check the network if there isn’t any option like this. It will help you skip any trouble and threat to your private data. Also, it will protect your device from hacking and data leakage.

Use lounge networks, if available.

If you have access to the lounges at the airport, use their network. It is not available to the general public, making it a secure option. However, you cannot be careless while using it. Ensure that it is the official network and follow the other tips too. It is still available to all the people with access to the lounge.

A VPN would be a better choice.

A VPN service will help protect and encrypt all your data. It is a better choice and a precautionary step when using a public network. Even if you are sure about the legitimacy of the network, it will help you put off any potential threats.

Turn off the Print and File sharing option.

Your laptop or mobile might be sharing files over the network without your knowledge. It is due to the File and print sharing option. Turn it off before connecting to the public WiFi at the airport. It is an essential step to put off any sharing of private and confidential data.

Use security software.

There are many free and paid security software you can download onto your device. It runs scans and checks on the device to ensure there is no threat. Download a reputed software to ensure the protection of your data. It is crucial before using a public network as it can be a precautionary measure for your data.

Follow all these tips before boarding Non stop flights from USA to India. It will help you have a safe internet experience before getting on with your journey.

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