All You Need to Know About Travel Photography

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Travel photography is one of the most popular genres of photography out there. Not only top-notch professional photographers endeavor this venture for commercial purposes, average individuals of families also long for some breath-taking travel photography while they are on their travel trips.  

Popular television channel and print as well as online magazine like National Geographic and other popular magazines have full time staff members for their travel photography needs. Landing a job as a travel photographer at National Geographic can be a dream come true for some travel photographers. Even people who do not make it as a staff photographer there, many like to work as a freelance travel photographer with them.  

Why Travel Photography and Work as a Professional Travel Photographer? 

Answer is not very easy to write in simple one sentence. Different people have different passion and need they pursue. Some just like to travel and dedicate their entire life or good few years of it on travelling.  

Others are just passionate about travel photography. At the same time, they make a living as a travel photographer doing what they are passionate about.  

Amateur Travel Photography 

Amateur travel photographers are the ones that just like to shoot travel photography but do not pursue that as a career. These can be people you see during sunrise, sunset or at nigh time with their cameras and tripods taking position along the lakes, foot or hills of the mountains and other natural elements that are photography attractions.  

Just walking along the docs of Toronto downtown will present a good few dozens of amateur photographers along the Lake Ontario shoreline shooting the Toronto skyline at dark.  

Ever taken a trip to see the Northern Light or Aurora Borealis? If you were one of the lucky ones to witness the magical light show, you would have seen countless number of photographers with high end photography equipment shooting non-stop. Not all of them are professional travel photographer. I bet 99.9% of them are just hobby photographer or amateur photographer shooting the Northern Light on their dream vacation.  

Family Vacation Photography 

I do not need to even say that this is by far the most popular photography among all. How many photographs are taken each year by vacationers is beyond anyone’s guess. The number could be few hundred billion, your guess is just as good as mine. I know when I take travel photography, I take good few hundred shots in just on a one-day trip. If it is a few days or a week-long trip, the number hits good thousand to even few thousands. I spend a good hour every night selecting the good shots that I want to keep and delete the others. Sometimes I even post a few photos on our family Facebook profile to share with friends and family members.  

So what you are waiting for? Just grab your camera and go out. You don’t need to take an official trip. Find a good spot, a good nature and just start shooting. It just feeds the soul. At least it does for me!