A Brief Guide About Animal Encounters at Dubai Aquarium

Top 6 Animal Encounters for Children at Dubai Aquarium

Animal encounters are one of the fascinating experiences for the children and some adults too. This is the major reason zoo visits are an essential component of family outings during the vacations of children. Although the traditional zoos, in which the wild animals are kept in cages, are not considered good for animal rights, aquariums and underwater zoos have now got the attention of the general public.

The underwater zoo and aquariums do not practice animal cruelty at all, especially the one in Dubai that takes care of the natural habitat of animals. The wild animals are dangerous to some level, so it is impossible for the public to watch them unless they are in cages. The case is quite different for marine or aquatic animals as people can easily see them through the glass while they enjoy their natural habitat.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a brief guide about animal encounters at the Dubai aquarium and plan your visit.

Top 6 Animal Encounters for Children at Dubai Aquarium

If you want your children to develop an understanding of animal rights and respecting them, it is better to take them to an underwater zoo instead of a traditional zoo. There are too many species and attractive animals at such facilities too. The remarkable point is that the children or adults can engage with these animals in a friendly atmosphere. Unlike traditional zoo animals, they are not forced to put on a show or offer rides to the visitors.

Here are some of the major animal encounters children can explore and enjoy during their Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo visit.

1. King Croc Encounter

The first and most mesmerizing animal encounter children can experience at the Dubai aquarium is the king croc encounter. There is a story behind naming the crocodile as the king croc. It was a problem crocodile due to its small size, which was only 2.4 meters when it was born.

However, at the moment, the king croc is forty years old and is 5 meters long. Its length is still increasing, and it has reached a weight of 750 kilograms, which makes it one of the mightiest beings in the world. So, it is a perfect opportunity to let your children visit one of the biggest crocodiles in history.

2. Penguin Encounter

Penguins are one of the most adorable animal species, without a doubt. Their cute little movements and reactions can put a smile on the face of any human being. For these reasons, penguin encounters are one of the most popular animal encounters at the Dubai underwater zoo. A whole lot of visitors get tickets online to reserve their place and visits the place when it is not too crowded so that they can enjoy it better.

3. Otter Encounter

Otter encounter is another popular animal encounter, Dubai aquarium facility is currently offering to the visitors. The children and adults both are allowed to enjoy a friendly encounter with the otters. One of the most appreciative things about the visit is that people can encounter the marine animals in their natural habitat, which is not disturbed to the slightest point by the intervention of human beings. So, you can plan your visit without worrying about the safety of animals.

4. Presentations and Feeding

Presentations and feeding are a different type of experience offered by the authorities of Dubai aquarium. This activity focuses on guiding the visitors about fun and interesting details about various animals at the facility. In addition to it, the visitors are guided about feeding different animals so they can interact better without harming them.

5. Ray Encounter

One of the unique animals’ encounters children and adults can experience at the Dubai aquarium is the ray encounters. Rays are marine creatures quite similar to sharks, although they are quite different in appearance. They are quite little as compared to the sharks and are too cute to handle. Your child will definitely enjoy encountering them in their natural atmosphere.

6. Shark Trainer Encounter

The last animal encounter children and adults can enjoy at the Dubai aquarium is the shark trainer encounter. This particular encounter is different from others in the way that you would be able to learn in detail about the natural habitat, feeding, breeding, and other details about sharks under the guidance of professional trainers. If you are curious about visiting sharks from up close, grab your Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets online and plan your visit to enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Plan your visit now and enjoy all the encounters!

This article has shared just a little brief about major animal encounters at Dubai underwater zoo. There is much more to explore and enjoy. So, do not let your imagination suffice that and grab your tickets now to finalize the date and time of your visit and enjoy everything in real.