Best Cities in India: Indian Cities Which Have Placed India On Global Map

best cities in India

India has grown rapidly in last the two decades. Some of the cities have been a major contributor to this. Due to which living condition in some cities has been at par with global cities. Here we will discuss some of the best cities in India to live in.

Best Cities in India


Some call it “City of Dreams” and some say “City that never sleeps”. Be it Antilia, the most expensive house in the world, or Dharavi – the largest slum in Asia. Both are present in Amchi Mumbai. It is the most populous city in the world, has heavy traffic all day long but one thing which stands out is the never-ending spirit of the people of Mumbai.


The first thing which comes that comes to our mind is the cuisine of Hyderabad. Biryanis Kabbas and the list is never-ending. In the last few decades, lots of IT companies have come to this city which has made this a global destination for IT-based investment.

Ramoji film city has been a tourist attraction and also given a stimulus to the Telugu film Industry. No one can forget the Bhahubali movie which was globally acknowledged for creative direction, action, and acting. 


This city was initially called Madras, but the name of the city is now changed to Chennai. Idly and sambhar of this city is synonyms with state and this city. How can we forget the Medu Wada from this city? A big and beautiful seashore present in the city adds up to the beauty of the city.

Rajnikant is a stalwart in the Tamil Industry, started his career by done small roles but now his stature is not less than a God in this state and city. The current Google CEO also comes from Chennai. 


Pune is a heaven for the retired person, it has an extremely good climate. Nothing is extreme when we talk about the climate. Vada paw also common man food for Pune people, Shaniwarwad has great importance in the history of Pune. Also, it was the capital of the Maratha empire.

It has a lot of historical places in and around Pune. Sinhagad Fort is one of them which to has a lot of historical value. The first school for girls was started by Mahatma Phule and his wife Savitribai Phule which lead the way for girl’s education. The Dagdu Sheth Ganpati is worshiped by our fellow Hindu brother, 10 days festival is done every year with full energy. People from all over India come here to take the blessing of the Ganpati.

The famous “ The Poona Pact” which we can say was a mutual agreement between Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi took place in India. In Pune, we have the world-famous Serum  Institue of India which did a production of corona vaccine and gave it to the government to do vaccination all over India. We are very proud that this institute is in Pune. 


One city which has put India on the global map is definitely Bangalore. It is the silicon valley of India. It was earlier called Garden city but it has now been transferred to a startup hub. All the big idea which are bringing a revolution in India have to do some connection with Bangalore. Also, the variety of cuisine found in this part of south India is amazing and irresistible. It is a mix of traditional south Indian cuisine and northern cuisine. Recently a lot of influence of western food has been seen in this city.

It is traditionally a city where we will see a lot of vegetarian food is served, but the craze for non-vegetarian food here is amazing. There is a place in Bangalore where people standing in line for 2km in the early morning to relish some biryani is unbelievable.


Some other notable mentions are Surat, Kolkata, New Delhi, Jaipur, Kochi, and Chandigarh. Not only did this city leave mark on the global front but have made a name for themself and have their own identity. Definitely, this city worth visit for any global traveler.