Best GPS Watches For Hunting – Buying Guide

best gps watches for hunting

Best GPS Watches For Hunting

Chasing is something other than a game – it’s an awesome method to connect with Mother Nature and simply fail to remember that the remainder of the world exists. While you sit in that tree stand trusting that the ideal objective will appear, you will be separated from everyone else with your contemplations and the timberland – that is an otherworldly inclination! 

Nonetheless, the timberland can be deluding, particularly if the territory is different to you. Thus, it’s somewhat simple to get truly lost while you’re pursuing a buck. Certainly, you could effectively utilize those abilities to survive and depend on the information and essential intuition to discover your way back. Notwithstanding, life in the socialized world isn’t actually acceptable at keeping our impulses sharp and prepared. 

In this way, if (or when) your impulses fall flat, it is extraordinary to have a cutting edge instrument to discover your way back, similar to a GPS chasing watch. This is a tough, sturdy watch furnished with cutting edges that let you track temperature, gaseous tension, climate conditions, and even make a guide of your shots. 

A few watches accompany great GPS modules, computerized compass, and guides to give precise route information. For watches that emphasize GPS modules and have an inherent compass, make a point to check our best compass watch direct. 

Presently, given the quantity of accessible models, each with an amazing arrangement of highlights, we chose to audit probably the best chasing watches available and recorded the ones that fit our rules. Along these lines, in the event that you are chasing for the best watch to meet your requirements, make a point to peruse our audits.

Chasing watches have taken a quantum jump forward somewhat recently or two, and they include apparatuses we might have just envisioned around a couple of years prior. Time might be our most important product, yet shockingly, an advanced chasing watch’s time-keeping capacity might be the keep going component at the forefront of your thoughts! 

Suunto – Traverse Alph


A tempered steel case, tough nylon material lash that repulses water, and a knurled treated steel bezel are the primary components to recommend the Traverse Alpha is a watch intended for harsh conditions. There’s additionally the scratch-safe sapphire gem glass that secures the wise instrument and a battery-powered Lithium-Ion battery. 

The watch opposes at about 100m in water and has the essential highlights to turn into a significant asset for open air travelers, climbers, trackers, fishers, and that’s just the beginning. In the first place, the GPS/GLONASS route module is matched with chasing and fishing tech devices like programmed shot identification (monitors your shots), moon stage schedule, programmed breadcrumb trail (to discover your way back), dawn alarm, and climate pattern alert. 

It additionally has a red backdrop illumination, so the dial is noticeable during evening time without standing out. There’s additionally an implicit spotlight to enlighten environmental factors and can associate with your cell phone through Bluetooth (to get warnings). 

In conclusion, this is an incredible frill for when you’re a moving in obscure area as it gives admittance to geographical guides, elevation profiles, and has implicit barometric pressing factor. 


Material: Tempered Steel, Nylon Textile Strap, Sapphire Crystal Lens 

Weight: 75g/2.65oz 

Battery Life: 10h GPS Mode/14 days Time Mode 


  • Super-tough form and scratch-safe focal point 
  • It looks extraordinary on your wrist and is agreeable 
  • Progressed GPS highlights 
  • Bunches of apparatuses for outdoorsmen 
  • Great battery life 


  • GPS procurement can be somewhat lethargic 
  • It doesn’t change the time region naturally 
  • The temperature sensor is put on the back case

Why We Choose This

The solid GPS include and the different apparatuses that take into account trackers and fishers make the Traverse Alpha the best GPS watch for chasing. Clients will cherish its size and agreeable plan and will value the admittance to very helpful data like guides, route, and climate patterns. What’s more, you will keep awake to date with your telephone without getting it out of your pocket constantly!


In this post, we’ll “disentangle” chasing watches. First we’ll talk about our picks for the best chasing watch and what makes each model remarkable; at that point we’ll examine the various highlights you’ll see, and why they’re beneficial (or not); lastly we’ll give a few hints on the best way to get the greater part of the model you select. We should do it:In this post, we’ll “unravel” chasing watches. First we’ll talk about our picks for the best chasing watch and what makes each model exceptional; at that point we’ll examine the various highlights you’ll see, and why they’re advantageous (or not); lastly we’ll give a few hints on the best way to get the vast majority of the model you select. How about we do it: 


Here are our picks for the best-working chasing watches. We’ve picked a scope of watches, from “nitty gritty” to “many, numerous laces,” and we accept that every one of the choices is a decent alternative. The “best watch for you” relies upon the number of highlights you need, the degree of those highlights, the amount you’re willing to put resources into a watch. 

1) In our notes beneath, you may take note of the fact that we notice similar highlights over and over. That is on the grounds that while every one of these watches are extraordinary, a ton of them have similar highlights, and the distinction between each watch is the distinction in range of those highlights. For example, most chasing watches are water safe, however a fundamental watch might be water impervious to 50 meters, while a mid-range watch will be water impervious to 100 meters, and a top of the line watch will be water impervious to in excess of 100 meters. It’s a similar component on each watch, yet the capacity of that element is unique. 

2) We allude to “ABC” a ton in the surveys underneath—that means “altimeter, gauge, and compass.” Those are the three fundamental apparatuses that most chasing watches have, and those devices can give you a lot of data (and at times, wellbeing). On the off chance that you need to realize what those devices are and why they’re significant, hop down to our “Chasing Watch Features Describes” area. 

3) We’ve gotten some input since we overlooked the Casio G-Shock Men’s GD-120CM Camo Sport Watch. That is an incredible watch (and we love the camo), however we don’t think of it as a chasing watch, since it doesn’t have ABC highlights. It’s an extraordinary watch, however not one that we think about an incredible wager for chasing.