Best Places To Eat In Bicester That Are Worth A Shot!

Places to eat

Whether you are looking for an eating place that will allow you to take food on the go or you are looking for eating places that offer fine dining, Bicester village has it all. You just need to be patient enough to have a look at it! In this article, we are sharing some of the best places to eat in Bicester and if you decide to visit this village anytime soon, then you should visit these places and check for yourself. In case you happen to have a knack for a glass or two of good drinks, then the best Bicester village pub is also eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Below Are The Top 5 Best Restaurant in Bicester

Café Wolseley

In case you are in search of quintessential English restaurants then you will be surprised to know that one of the places to eat in Bicester is offering you what you have been looking for. Right from serving your daily breakfast favorites to serving your fresh portion of Italian portions of pasta and salads, this café will serve it all. If you have already visited the Bicester village then you might have probably guessed the name of the café by now. But in case you are yet to visit the village, then the name of the place is Café Wolseley. The café has a wide range of premium pastries and cakes that are quite popular among the people visiting the place. The café usually is jam-packed so it is advised that you make your bookings before the visit.

The lion

One of the best fine dining restaurants available in Bicester, the lion serves a variety of cuisines. Right from serving a great British menu to amazing cakes and pastries. Known for their rustic look and cozy ambiance, there is a roaring fire waiting to make you feel warm during the cold winter days.  Regardless of whether you are a Bicester village pub person or a food person, the lion will surely take your breath away with their top-quality service and standard hygiene maintenance. This British-themed eatery is no doubt one of the best places to eat in Bicester and you can go visit it to check for yourself if you do not want to trust our words.

Shan Shui

Worried you won’t find good Asian places to eat in Bicester that will cater to your Asian taste buds? You will be surprised to know that Shan Shui is waiting for you and your Asian taste buds eagerly. You will find a wide range of south Asian and Chinese dishes in these popular eatery places. Right from fresh baos to steamed Asian food items, you will find a lot of seasonal Asian flavors in this restaurant. The restaurant is known for some of the classic Asian dishes which otherwise you would have had to travel across the world to get the authentic taste of. If you are craving a nice and hot plate of Asian food in the village of Bicester, then you know where to look for.

Farmshop restaurant café

One of the best places to eat in Bicester is the Farmshop Restaurant café. It is a café for people who want to have a nice brunch over the weekend with friends, while for people who want to enjoy a nice fancy dinner with their significant others look at this eatery place like a restaurant.  It is open every day until late at night so regardless of the time if you feel like have a plate of warm, tasty, and scrumptious meal at any given time of the day, then you need to give this restaurant café a try.

Simply noodles

If you are a fan of noodles, dim sums, and different types of Asian foods and live in Bicester village, then again Smply Noodles fall under the category of the best places to eat in Bicester. Known for its udon recipes and different add ons that the eatery provides their customers with. You can also opt for different Asian dishes made with chicken and other protein options. In case you happen to be a vegetarian then the restaurant also caters to your requirements with great vegetarian food options.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of some of the best places to eat in Bicester. You can give these places a visit and see for yourself why we are recommending these places. Known for their great food choices and authentic delivery of different cuisines, these famous places have been catering to a lot of different people. If you are a regular drinker then you could also give the best Bicester village pub a visit and try out their authentic drinks. We are sure the village of Bicester has something to fulfill their stomachs for everybody whenever they visit the place.