Best Things to Do in New Zealand

Things to Do in New Zealand

Are you looking forward to visiting New Zealand in the recent future? Do you have no idea what the country is about and what to do in the city? If the answers to all the questions were in affirmation, then this article is for you. To be honest, we know the best possible way to explore a city is by an unplanned trip, witnessing the locals, cuisines, and everything else on the way. However, if you are one of those who don’t want to get lost in a new country and sleep on the park bench out of desperation, then you should go through this comprehensive article regarding the best things to do in New Zealand.

New Zealand, the home to many noble literate and pop artists, is a small island country in the southwestern region of the pacific ocean. The islands comprise two main islands, the north island and the south island. Apart from this, there are more than 700 smaller islands that contribute to this nation. Known for their scenic beauty, the islands boast miles and miles of serene beaches, southern alps, and beautiful snow-covered peaks. Millions of tourists visit the small country every year and have made the country’s economy one based on tourism.

We have crafted this article to give you a brief idea about the best things to do in New Zealand. We hope you go through this and atleast get a rough estimate of what you will be doing when in the city of drafts and dragons.

  • Try wine-tasting on Waiheke Islands.

The Waiheke Islands is one of the most beautiful islands that New Zealand boasts. Famous for its vast vineyards, olive groves, pristine white beaches, art galleries, and funky cafes, this island has always been a tourist’s favorite.

If you are looking for a chill summer evening with a slight wind blowing, a glass of red wine in your hands, and the scenery of a noble grape vineyard, then this is the place to be.

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  • Siege adventures in Queenstown

Queenstown in New Zealand is the most incredible place to look for some fun and have adventurous tendencies. Jet boating is the main attraction of this place, but one must not forget that they can also experience Skiing, river rafting, biking, and hiking. 

If you not one of those adventurous types, you can try wine tasting a luxurious vineyard with your sunglasses on or maybe go to a spa retreatment facility or anything that relaxes you.

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  • Say ‘Kia ora’ to culture.

Māori culture is the customs, traditions, cultural practices, cultural taboos ad believes of the Maori tribe indigenous to the land of Newzealand. Originating from, and still a part of, Eastern Polynesian culture, this is the one that should not miss. 

The Maori Culture is most evident in places like Rotorua, the cultural capital of New Zealand. The island province provides many opportunities like a visit to authentic pre-European and Polynesian Maori Village and watches a funny cultural show. You can later have a delicious bowl of ‘Hangi’ Feast and then relax in one of the many thermal showers there.

  • Bask in Milford Sound’s scale

If you have an extra morning left for your trip, what you can do is depart from your cabin in Queenstown and enjoy a full day tour at Milford Sound’s iconic fiords, pristine white scenic waterfalls, and even snow-capped mountain peaks.

There is one extraordinary thing about this place; it is said that the Eighth Wonder of the world is located in Milford Sound, and it’s visible by flight watching, kayaking, or even taking an overnight boat to the place.

  • Explore geothermal phenomena

As we all know, New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous, scenic and hot, water springs. The geothermal phenomenon inside the earth’s surface comes out of its cracks in the form of steam. These particular cracks on the earth services are called Geysers.

These geysers are predominantly present in Rotorua, where all nature’s forces escape by bubbling, steaming, and hissing coming naturally out of the earth’s surface.

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