Chopta trek – A Must Do Trek



Chopta, an odd location in Uttarakhand is a spot that went synonymous with the charm of Switzerland. A modest area of settlement with glades and forests situated around 210 kilometers from Rishikesh and 465 kilometers from the regular beginning point of Delhi. At a height of 2,680 meters, Chopta acts as the base point for two popular trekking spots – Tungnath and Chandrashila treks.


The place is not difficult to access as it’s located around motorable roads. It can likewise effectively be situated because of its contrasting pine and rhododendron forests.


How to reach Chopta:


Reaching Chopta requires crossing Rishikesh, after which there are two regularly taken routes. A direct bus to Chopta has not yet been made accessible, so you may need to switch between buses to arrive at the spot. Since locals are truly helpful, it would not be a tiring task to ask for directions and follow the route too.


If you are driving yourself to Chopta, it becomes simpler and worth the experience. Thinking about Delhi as the beginning point, you can take the main highway or the upper Ganga canal road and then follow the route also


Haridwar-Srinagar-Rudraprayag–Agastamuni- Duggalbitta and then finally Chopta.


A second route follows the guide via Lansdowne to finish a similar way Srinagar-Rudraprayag-Duggalbitta to Chopta. These are generally beautiful spots where you should stop and click pictures prior to arriving at the location.


When to visit?


This relies for the most part on personal preferences. During May and June, this is the duration when Chopta encounters the loveliest weather within the year. The snow would’ve melted off slowly and it’s the perfect measure of cold and warmth.


Sprinkled around the ideal weather are different colors as dewy flowers. The melting snow makes the scene considerably more energetic and vivid. If snow is on your mind though, however, the mid-week of January to February would be the ideal planning to visit Chopta.

In October, Autumn gives the rural nostalgic feel in Chopta. Walking in the midst of the fallen leaves and hearing them mash with your steps it is therapeutic. The valley displays its excellence in all shades possible and understanding what experience suits you best is the best and ideal duration to visit Chopta.


Try to avoid Monsoon visits as it is among the harshest period and extreme care has to be taken while traveling. Particularly if you’re heading to Chopta, the risks raise double if you don’t plan the routes appropriately.


Things to do:


Chopta basically is all about taking a break from the crowds and chilling in the meadows. Spending some energy walking barefoot on the grass, picking the fallen flowers, and keeping one between the pages as a memory, the charm here lies in the simplest things.

Based on the time frame you decide to visit the spot, you can enjoy different activities also. Trekking and camping are among the normal ones and should be possible in every season except monsoon.


Facilities near Chopta


While Chopta doesn’t have numerous such offices other than a couple of little shops. On the route towards Chopta, a wide range of important services are available. The last ATM can be spotted effectively around Kund, and there are a few around Ukhimath and Chandrapuri too. These ATMs might not have guaranteed money everyday though. 


The only sim card that has a decent network here is BSNL. Most of them remain totally out of reach. Chopra runs on solar-powered panels, which is their only source of power. Here you didn’t get any sort of deprivation of facilities for charging mobile or even a geyser. For a precautionary measure, however, it would always be advisable to carry a personal power bank with a full charge.


Since most of you who read this are probably going to be city dwellers; a sedentary lifestyle has left us in a not-so-fit position health-wise. Make sure to keep it simple, take less weight on your back, and progress slowly and steadily on the trek. Never the spot that would burn a hole into your pockets, this budget-friendly spot rather takes a lot of your time and appreciation. With less spending, they give immeasurably exciting adventures!