Morning Desert Safari – Explore the Beauty of Sunrise in Dubai

desert safari Dubai

The city of gold -Dubai has Desert safari as the national conservation ranch which is called the sea of gold. Exploring the farthest spread marshy plains of the UAE. Before sunrise is a serene venture and opted by many tourists.

The beauty of the sunrise desert safari Dubai is the ultimate goal of many travelers. Who wander to collect the best of memories to cherish life long.

The dawn at the Arabian dunes has the prospect to accomplish a wanderer’s goal. To explore the deepest and vast beauties of a place. In the following text, the exclusive spirits of a morning desert safari are mentioned. Which you can avail of by choosing a suitable itinerary to meet the ultimate glee of being on the barren of Dubai.

How Does a Morning Desert Safari Look Like

1. Be an Early Bird

Your morning tour to the dunes of Arabia kick starts with a pick-up from y4x4 off-road vehicle or a bus. A standard morning tour begins at 8 am. Where it continues till 3 to 4 hours depending upon the itinerary.

There are different deals and packages are offered by the best tour operators in Dubai. In which standard morning tour expenses from 130 AED. Including a basic expedition to the Arabian dunes.

2. The Scenic landscape

Absorb the serenity of the silent landscape of Arabian dunes by witnessing a new dawn. The majestic sunrise is the ultimate reason, where you will get to know. Why some tourists especially opt for a morning tour to this nomadic place.

The dawn of desert safari would be a  beautiful awakening of consequent mindfulness. Get fascinated by the scenic landscape of the farthest spread golden sand. Which is lightened up with every mile of the rising sun. 

3. Exciting Dune Activities

The famous dune activities include dune bashing, quad biking, fat biking, sandboarding. Encounter the spine-tingling dune drives such as a hummer, dune buggy, land rover, and quad bike. 15 minutes of dune bashing or quad biking is charged in a typical desert safari. whereas sandboarding is included in the package.

Hitting the diagonal heaps of golden sand-dune. While seating belted in a land cruiser or hummer is an insane activity on the terrain. Quad bikes are a ride for daredevils who can get their hands on these exciting SUVs after a set of instructions. You can also embrace the welcoming air of the dunes with open arms. While hovering over the sandboard in the middle of the terrain.

4. Camel Ride

Explore the infinite sand ocean from a nomad’s eye. It’s time to travel back in A.Ds when the ancient Bedouins used to travel using camels. The adventurous ride of the ship of the desert is inevitable. When you find your footsteps submerged in the sand of Arabia.

Discover amazing aspects of the terrain while hopping over the camel’s hump. Such as seeing the hopping gazelles, waving to the people from different places, and much more. Camel riding is not  enjoyed by adults, but kids also find amusement in this heritage camel safari

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning is an exclusive charisma of a morning desert safari. A huge count of tourists and locals opt for a morning tour to desert safari solely for a hot air balloon ride.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for travel enthusiasts. To float in the welcoming air of the terrain.

You’ll be amazed by the widespread golden barren, running oryx, and hopping gazelles. Which seems so tiny from the height of around 4000 meters from the ground.

The installation of hot air balloons has been made the enchanting dawns of desert safari. Where a lot more things are appealing. You’ll agree when the mesmerizing landscape of floating air balloons. Along with sunrise will strike your sight in the terrain.

6. Refreshments and Breakfast

After soaking up in the spectacular themes of the sunrise. You are subjected to have a tasty breakfast at the campsite. There are plenty of soft drinks, tea, and Arabian coffee. To which the guests have unlimited and free access.

Get delighted by the tasteful meal while sitting on the wooden planks. Which are set in the cradle of high golden dunes. The customized breakfast menu is sufficient to buckle you up for the next of your ventures in Dubai.

7. Meet the Tradition of Arabia

There is a lovely plethora of Arabain culture. That is depicted in the embellishment of elegant artistry. The beautiful designs of henna are imprinted on your hands and feet by the artists. Which are a symbol of your alliance in the culture of UAE. The traditional Arabian dresses are also available. Therefore you to wear and celebrate being in Dubai.

Also, falconry is the heritage sport of the Bedouins. In which they show the luring actions of the majestic falcons in the sand. It’s the ancient hunting method the Arabs achieved. Using training the falcons which are now the national birds of Arabia.  

8. The Photogenic Nature

A morning escape to the Arabian terrain offers a great opportunity. To satisfy your knack for photography and polish your skills. Click the transitions of ripples during different intervals of the sunrise. There’s a whole world to capture in the middle of Arabian dunes. Including lovely framesets of running jeeps, traditional campsites, henna prints, and wild hawks.

The color-changing from deep to lighter contrasting tones of the daylight. Which will saturate your mind along with it. Discover the vast wildlife of the national ranch of UAE and capture it from dynamic angles. You’ll find gazelles, wild owls, oryx, sand cats, desert leopards, and wild foxes. These faunas are rare and exquisite contributing the picturesque aspects to their visit.

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A morning desert safari is a good pick if you want to save your evenings. To explore the glamorous night light of Dubai city. However, this beautiful barren of the UAE reflects symphony all day and night.

But dunes in the morning are in an exceptional beauty which is just out-of-this-world. Visiting desert safari miles away from the rush of city life. This is enough to bless the mind with tranquillity and peace.