For Lazy Travelers: WHERE TO GO & WHAT TO DO In Washington By Car

You like traveling but don’t have enough time and desire to make efforts for planning your trip, breaking down a budget, and packing. It’s not a problem to travel to the Washington area. First of all, it doesn’t take much time, if only a day or two. Every time you have a free day to go to the beach or the most interesting historical place, you can rent a car and take a fast city drive. Secondly, you may use a car rental app to save yourself the trouble. This is how your road trip can be fast but still interesting.

Chinatown Washington

Does it sound boring? Washington D.C. offers the greatest getaways with some brilliant places to see. Even if you are among those travelers who don’t like hearing the word “effort” or “try, no worries, there are many tips and travel offers for lazy travelers. You have to do nothing. Just follow the tips and enjoy your tour. Let’s dig into the biggest travelers’ issue – How to decide where to go and what to do?


Well, being a lazy traveler it can be really hard to decide what to do on holidays. You don’t want to plan a grandiose event. So, try to rent a car from Enterprise car rental in DCA and go around your area. You’ll easily find a place to stop and relax. Besides, you may use Google or car GPS for building up your travel route. What to do during the trip? Just relax and look around. How about visiting some coffee shops or restaurants, take pictures for your Facebook or Instagram, and find out anything new about the territory around? It’s a great day to do it!

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  1. Go to Annapolis,

about 40 minutes driving from Washington D.C.

This coastal location can be your favorite travel route these days. It takes only 40 minutes to get to Annapolis and escape from the city noise and crowds. What’s so special? Annapolis is favorably situated on the Chesapeake Bay. The city territory as far as the eye can see is veined with streams, small rivers, and picturesque bays. You can find many camping spots along the shore. Here, you can rent a boat or any other sports equipment and go boating, sailing, diving. If you are too lazy to take efforts for sports, just stop your car at the nearest food market, fill in your picnic basket with snacks, and arrange a picnic! How about the idea to rent a boat for the whole day and arrange a picnic while sailing?

Note, Annapolis is a city of rich history so that you can find many important things to see even by walking around. For example, the city State House is considered to be the oldest architectural composition in the whole country. You don’t need any reservations to visit local museums or galleries. Go ahead!

  1. Visit Baltimore,

about one hour driving from D.C.

Meet another interesting city that is located within a short driving distance from Washington. By the way, this city also belongs to the Chesapeake Bay location so that you can expect the brightest nature views and beach vacation here. This place can hardly boast its historical and cultural pearls, but you can find many interesting things to do and views to see. Rent a car in Washington and drive it to the coast. There are so many quiet places for picnicking here! You can relax, walk around, amaze by the underwater world in the local Aquarium, hit the bars and eating spots. It is especially recommended to test the best Maryland wine!

Speaking about the cultural side of your vacation, drive your vehicle to Fort McHenry – an important part of the city history and a honorary museum. How about visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art?



  1. Go to Richmond,

2 hours from D.C.

Planning this trip, you must have at least 2 spare hours for getting to Richmond. Just follow the route I-395 that takes you from Washington. Richmond is the main and important city of Virginia and it always was an interesting historical place. You can learn about the past heroes and days when the country was in a war in the Civil War Museum. What else can you do in Richmond except for diving into history? Just leave your rental car on the city parking and take the most of your vacation by observing a modern city. Never miss popular city restaurants, visit local breweries, get some rest in the parks and green spots. Finally, take pleasure in visiting James River that runs through the city.

See, it is not difficult at all to plan a short trip around Washington. Many people can find it weird that you are going to leave Washington in search of attractions. This city is full of attractions! Nevertheless, there is always a sense to explore the world around you, especially when it doesn’t take from you many efforts. Just go online and settle all issues.