How to Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack

How to Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack

With school starting up again, more and more people will be looking for a new backpack to carry their belongings. But it’s hard to find one that is both durable and stylish. Sure you could get those super expensive name-brand backpacks, but they have no place to hide things! If you live by yourself or just like privacy for your most prized possessions, then you’re in the right place. This article will show you how to create a secret compartment inside your backpack to keep whatever you want to be hidden from prying eyes.

What You Will Need to Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack:

  • -a backpack (preferably one with a zipper closure on the main opening)
  • -a tape measure or ruler
  • -something to grind down the metal zipper teeth
  • -a pair of scissors or a box cutter
  • -something to make your new compartment smell like plastic. I used some packing tape that was leftover, but you could probably get away with just using some scotch tape.

Step One: The Preparation Work to create a secret compartment inside your backpack

“Wait,” you’re saying, “I’ve never done anything like this before! What do I need to prepare?” Well, there’s nothing much you need to get ready for. The first thing you have to figure out is which zipper of your backpack you want the compartment to be on. Then, come up with a smaller compartment that would fit inside the one you’re going to make. My first compartment is going to be in the main flap area, and my second compartment will be hidden inside a pocket that I’m making on the side of the backpack.

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Step Two: The Secret Compartment

Now you’re ready for the fun part! Find whichever zipper you want your new compartment in (the larger one) and unzip it halfway. Then take the tape measure and find the size of the zipper teeth that will be visible when you zip up your backpack. My zipper has a total of fifteen teeth, but each one is about 1/2 an inch apart from its partner. So I’ll need to grind down fifteen different sections of my new hinge.

Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack

Create your new compartment by taping down the flaps of your backpack to a flat surface. This is very important because it will keep all the curves and bends from ruining your measurements. Then, take the tape measure or ruler and find where you want to put each tooth. You may have to use some trial and error here, but just start near where you want it and make small adjustments to get the spacing right. Once you figure out the spacing, cut a slit into your backpack big enough for all of your teeth (or just the top ones if you’re putting this on the side flap).

After that, tape down a wide piece of cardboard or heavy paper over where you just ripped through, so that you don’t lose anything inside the compartment. Then take your grinding tool and grind down the teeth. This might take a while, so it’s best to start with something small like a fingernail file or sandpaper. Also, be careful not to accidentally go through the fabric of your backpack!

Now that you’ve got all of your teeth ground down

Now that you’ve got all of your teeth ground down, it’s time to fill your newly created compartment. I wanted mine to be on the main flap of my backpack, so I needed it to look like a flat surface. To do this, just cut a large piece of duct tape and put it over the top of your tooth grooves. Then take some scissors or a box cutter and cut out all of the excess tapes from around your teeth. The duct tape will fill in all of the gaps and give you a clean, flat surface to put things on.

Finally, it’s time to make it smell like plastic! Place some packing tape (or scotch tape if that’s what you’re using) over every inch of your new compartment, making sure that you push it into the grooves surrounding your teeth. The packing tape will make everything smell like plastic and keep your secret from prying eyes!

After you’ve finished sealing up all of your tooth holes to make a nice smelling, flat surface, try putting some small things inside it. This is good to make sure that you’ve got the size and spacing right. Don’t worry, none of your smaller items will fall through this way!

how to create a secret compartment inside your backpack

Step Three: The Secret Pocket

Now that you’ve finished up one compartment, it’s time to do another! You’ll have to repeat a lot of the same steps as before in order to get it right. To make the pocket, you’ll have to cut a hole in your backpack big enough for everything you want to put inside it. Then put some packing tape around the whole thing so that no one will be able to see through it when it’s zipped up. Now take whatever material you’re using (in my case, duct tape) and wrap it around the opening of your pocket. Then take your grinding tool and grind down all of the edges so that they look nice and smooth. This might take a while, but it’s important that you don’t rush through this part because you want it to look professional!

When you finish up with all of the edges, try putting some things inside your pocket. This is to make sure that they won’t fall out or through when it’s zipped up. You’ll also want to test the size to make sure there’s enough room for everything you’re putting in here! Once you’ve finished making these tests, you can go ahead and zip your backpack up like normal. Your secret compartments should be hidden, but right there in plain sight for you to use whenever you want!

Step Four: Finishing Up (How to Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack)

Now that you’ve got your secret compartments made and everything is working out just the way you wanted it to, it’s time to make sure they stay that way. The first thing I did was put a piece of duct tape over the top of my secret pockets. This is to make sure that no one will be able to see through them when I’m zipping up my backpack. Also, take your grinding tool and run it along all of the tooth edges you made before to smooth out any bumps or rough spots.

Finally, if you have any excess packing tape or duct tape anywhere on your backpack that’s not in use, take it off so it cuts down on the weight of everything you’re carrying. This will be easy because most people don’t have to worry about this!

After all of these steps, your secret compartments should be complete and ready to go whenever you need them! I hope that you have as much fun with these compartments as I did!


So, now you know how to make a secret compartment in your backpack. You can use this for anything from hiding valuables while traveling. Or school supplies when you don’t want anyone else to find them. Now that we have given you the basics of making one, it is up to you as an individual what kind of compartments and designs work best for your needs!