Important Details to Know about Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Canada

The Provincial Nominee Program is an integral part of immigration within provinces in Canada. This mainly entitles permanent residence to people living in the country. Not all are eligible to opt for the program, and the ones belonging to the following list can apply:

  • A person who wants to live in the province 
  • Individual who want to get permanent residency in Canada 
  • The person should have the suitable skill and work expertise to contribute to the province 

The main target groups of the Provincial Nominee Program in Canada are business people, students, and the semi-skilled working class. 

What do you Understand About the Program?

 The main idea behind the program is to allow personal immigration in the province of Canada. The provinces and the territories sign contract with immigration and the Canada citizenship authorities. The selection system for immigration has come up with certain eligibility criteria to allow one to get the citizenship certificate to reside in Canada permanently.  

Two Types of Nomination 

  • Nomination Under Non-Express System 

In this, the candidate should give an application via the paper method, and territorial authority is responsible for nominating the applicant. The higher authorities would conduct the scrutiny process for the immigration; refugees, and Canada’s citizenship program to check that the applicant meets requirements.   

  • Nomination as per the express Entry Rule  

The provincial government would check the application that the candidate submits. If only the applicant is found eligible, they would be given the nomination for permanent residency in Canada. This is what you get to know from the provincial nominee program in Canada.  

What is the Eligibility to be part of the Program?

  • To become a provincial nominee, one should have the following:
  • Get nomination under the particular stream
  • Meet the requirement of one province or the territory under non-express entry level

Steps to Apply for the PNP?  

The federal government is responsible for deciding on final immigration, and it is a two-part procedure. In the first one, you need to apply through the provincial nomination. If the province approves it, you can opt for the second application to be sent to the federal government. It would preview the Canadian resident status.  

Check the Instructions When Applying Under the Program

  • First, check your eligibility to apply through the program and use PNP live to track your eligibility status   
  • After you complete the program application, submit it in the concerned territory or province 
  • Get the nomination certificate if you are eligible for the program, and you can continue applying to the next step 
  • Now, it is time to submit the residence application to the higher authorities. If nominated through Express Entry, you can opt for application through the same source. Otherwise, you can apply via the paper method. 

 Wrapping it Up 

There are several immigration services, and you should opt for a reliable one with years of experience in the field. It can guide you better and help you understand the immigration that would be suitable for your purpose of application.