List of Criteria’s You Must Follow to Earn Subclass 602 in Australia

The Australian government, specifically the Department of Immigration, has set a new visa for medical emergencies for individuals. Known as the Medical Treatment Visa 602, any person with a medical emergency wishing to consult a physician in Australia can avail of this visa to come and treat their complications.

The nature of the complications doesn’t matter; this visa is also applicable for even cosmetic procedures. The applicant can even bring other people for support. There are several other conditions that are needed to be fulfilled by the applicant; to make an error-free application, it would be better to consult an experienced person.

The benefits of this visa

There are several unique benefits associated with the 602 Visa which differs from the other available visas. As this visa is awarded because of a medical emergency of the applicant, to be treated in Australia, the conditions of this visa changes according to the extent and severity of the disease. Some of the main conditions this visa presents are given below;

  • The applicant can stay in Australia as long as the treatment or the consultation for his or her ailment takes. The usual staying time is 3 months. This can also be extended in the usual case.
  • The visa will allow single or multiple entries according to the disease situation of the applicant.
  • The applicant is allowed to bring a person to support him or her during the treatment or surgery.
  • The visa is also applicable for persons who are coming to Australia for donating an organ to a patient. Additionally, the organ donor can also bring a support person in this visa, or the organ donor can be accompanied by the recipient too. The visa even allows for surgeries of cosmetic nature.
  • The stay, however, must be temporary in its nature.

The criteria to avail this visa

The Medical Treatment Visa 602 comprises of medical conditions and is awarded for its treatment visa in Australia. The ministry will not judge if the treatment is a minor one, is already available in the home country of the applicant, or even a cosmetic beautification procedure. The medical processes this visa is approved for include all the available ones, including surgery, medicines, and even consultation. However, for surrogacy procedures, this visa is not applicable. The main criteria to get approved for this visa can be given as;

  • Proof of Treatment

The applicant must present proof that he or she is undergoing treatment in Australia. The proof may be a letter from the medical institution or the attending physician stating the nature of the disease, the treatment modules, the probable duration of the treatment, and the possible cost of the treatment. The letter also proves that all the arrangements related to the treatment are taken care of.

  • Cost of treatment

The ministry must be intimated by written proof from the medical establishment or the physician in charge of the treatment that they are satisfied with the arrangements for the payment of the charges. The payment modules may be of different types and can include cash payment, evidence of an insurance policy to carry out the costs of the treatment, or transfer of the money- as per the arrangement reached with the hospital authority.

Citizens of the countries with reciprocal health care arrangements (e.g., Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland and Slovenia) will need to provide the proper identification of their citizenship and proof of the healthcare arrangements.

Moreover, evidence should be provided that the patient will not become a burden on the Australian government; proven by the documents stating the ability of the applicant to take care of the other costs of staying in Australia.

  • Presence of support persons

The applicants of this visa may bring support persons to assist them in the duration of the medical treatment. The individuals can provide physical or emotional support and accompaniment to the patient. Family members like spouses, children can also come as a support person.

  • Genuine temporary entrant

The applicant must enter Australia on a purely temporary basis and provide documentary evidence to prove so. Moreover, they should provide confirmation that they will be able to provide the necessary cost to make their stay in Australia possible.

  • Health and character requirement

The treatment visa would not be approved in case of patients with communicable diseases, or conditions that could be passed on from one person to another.

Additionally, the candidates have to fulfill the general health and character requirement, already specified for many other visas. If the conditions are not clear, you can always consult the most experienced Visa Consultant Perth. It is better to take professional assistance for the submission of documents.

  • The duration of the visa

The period of stay for the candidate for this visa is flexible and is usually given for three months. However, the actual duration may be determined by the ministry depending upon the condition of the patient. It is usually the duration of the treatment taken. Essentially, it is valid for any period of time the ministry decides.

  • Working rights

This visa does not allow the applicant to work at all. Although, studying is permitted in different subjects, but only for the duration of the stay (3 months or higher). Relatedly, work is defined here as the job that actually pays. There is no restriction on unpaid work and voluntary services benefitting the Australian community.

Exceptions are present where the applicant has been given permission to engage in paid work. However, the applicant has to prove financial hardship and the inability to leave Australia. The statements have to be supplemented by compelling documented proof.

Engaging help where it’s needed

The medical visa is attached with the help and treatment of a patient coming to Australia for the rectification of his or her illness. Obviously, the conditions attached to these visas differ from the other visas along with the procedures and submission of documents. It is always worthwhile to engage the help of a Registered Migration Agent Perth in this regard.