Relocating Two-Wheelers with Experts

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In a highly populated country like India, people prefer to own two-wheelers rather than depending on public transport facilities. But moving to a new city requires shifting of your belongings, which also include vehicles, which is an element of our daily living and cannot be left behind. Small household items are easy to pack and load, but vehicles are heavy and bulky and need to be moved with special care to avoid any damage. If you are planning to relocate your two-wheeler, you can hire a bike transport service in Bangalore as per your requirements on an affordable budget. With the help of a bike relocation service provider, you can make your bike transport safe, simple, and economical.

The charges of relocating two-wheelers are subjected to the size, weight, and model of the bike, transportation distance, packaging material to be used, insurance, and timing of the relocation. For availing a bike transport service, you must possess all the documents required like- a copy of bike registration, pollution certificate, NOC, insurance copy if any. You must also submit a copy of your identity proofs and photo.

Undoubtedly, it adds an extra cost to your budget of shifting. However, there are several benefits of investing in hiring a professional packer and mover company for your bike relocation-

1.It reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle as it is to be handled by experts. Well-trained and skilled professionals ensure excellence at every stage of work and complete safety of your bike.

2.It saves your time as you can assign your task to professionals and be relaxed that your possession is in safe hands, and you can focus on other important shifts that require your attention. Hiring an experienced bike moving company also saves your money, as they suggest several cost-effective methods for the task.

3.By choosing a reliable packer and mover, you can ensure on-time delivery of your bike, as the company mentions in the contract the time and date of arrival of your two-wheeler at your new destination.

4.The packer and mover company that you hire for your bike relocation shall be completely accountable for any damage or misplacement caused during the transit of the vehicle.

5.You can track your shipment, as most of the companies provide online tracking services and a 24-hour helpline number for customer care.

However, hiring a bike-mover company shall only be beneficial if you ensure the following points before booking them-

1.Ensure the reliability of the packers and movers company by giving a background check of the company you are planning to hire. Make sure to read the documents properly about the details like included services, charges, time, accountability, etc.

2.A detailed discussion should be done with the service provider regarding the rates to be charged and the payment policies of the company. Before booking a packer and mover, make sure you compare the prices and services offered by different companies.

3.Ask the service provider about the quality of the packing material they are going to use and the vehicle for transportation of your bike. Make sure they provide an online tracking service for your consignment to ensure customer satisfaction.

4.If your two-wheeler is already insured, it shall not require any additional insurance as it shall cover the bike transportation as well. However, if it is not insured, it is better to get your bike insured by the packer and mover company to avoid facing any loss caused during the transit.

Packers and Movers Bangalore to Jaipur provide various shifting services from Bangalore, including bike and car shifting. Our expertise handles the entire scenario of packing-unpacking and loading-unloading them at your place. For avoiding any damage to your two-wheeler, we use suitable packing material as per your object. We ensure to safely relocate your bike without charging any hefty amount. The charges shall only include the cost of labour, transportation, equipment, and taxes, and no hidden costs are included.