The 5 Most Beautiful Places to do Wine Tasting in Franschhoek

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Franschhoek is one of Cape Town’s hidden gems. It’s located in a picturesque valley, nestled at the foot of the mountain. This is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. So, when you visit Cape Town, you must take some time to visit the amazing Franschhoek wine farms located there. It’s both a cultural and historic experience.

There are many different ways to explore the wine farms and for the best wine tasting events. Many argue that the most fun way must be catching a wine tram. These trams run between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Hop on and hop off at your convenience.  

You’re spoilt for choice as Franschhoek is home to 52 of the greatest wine farms that are located in the Southern hemisphere. This is thanks to the soil conditions which allow a wide variety of different grapes to grow in a 7km radius.

In this article, we will look at the world-class wineries that you should add to your list, next time you visit the area.

Franschhoek Pass Winery and Villa

This remarkable tour is presented by the owners of the farm. The duration of the tour is two hours. During this time, you will be taken on a journey through the cellar and learn the fine art of the wine-making process

You can sample their signature Morena wine. A rosé that is a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Glenwood Vineyard and Restaurant 

If you’re feeling a bit hungry during your tour, stop off at Glenwood Vineyard. They offer regular wine tasting as well as a wine and fine dining experience. Enjoy sipping on one of eight wines while being treated to canapes when you arrive.

The main course is paired with a selection of wine that complements the taste of the meal. If you prefer to spend your day outdoors, pack a picnic basket and relax in the gardens while enjoying the spectacular scenery.  

Lynx Winery 

This might be the smallest wine farm that Franschhoek has to offer but it’s packed with the most remarkable tasting wines on offer. They produce 7000 cases of wine per year and hold international accolades for their wine.

The tour offers a more intimate experience and is perfect for those that have a passion for wine, and the wine-producing process. During the tour, you will sample five different wines, including their signature creation.  

Haut Espoir Wine Estate and Celler 

If you enjoy eco-tourism, then this one is for you. They focus on creating a self-sustainable ecosystem which means that all their wine comes from a single vineyard. This process dates back to 1902 and has produced some of the tastiest red wines available on the market.

Their wine, Gentle Giant, was named after the elephants that used to roam freely around this area.

Boschendal Wine Estate 

If you’re searching for award-winning food and wine and enjoy learning about Cape Town’s rich heritage and history then this is the perfect place to visit. This estate even offers fun for the entire family. Take a long walk exploring the countryside or for the more adventurous why not explore on horseback or a tranquil cycle ride?

Relax and enjoy a scenic picnic while the kids are entertained playing in The Tree House, an exclusive outdoor playground and pump track designed for the young and young at heart.


The most enjoyable way to see this unique town is by tram. Choose between six-line options and hop on and off as you please. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go make some memories and enjoy great wine and the most spectacular views.