Everything you should know about Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

Most people suffer through being criticized for having missing teeth. That is where Dental Bridge comes in. It is an artificial or false tooth that your dentist will cement in place of the missing tooth. As the name suggests, it acts as a bridge on either side of the space of your missing tooth. 

Dental Bridge: Who needs them?

People who have missing teeth can always approach their dentist and book a consultation for a delta bridge implant. Why exactly does a missing tooth problem occur?

Here are some of the reasons.

  • If you have tooth decay, then that might lead to missing teeth.
  • If you have any gum diseases, then that might weaken your teeth.
  • If you have any jaw injuries that may have led to the missing tooth.
  • Sometimes people are born with missing teeth. It may be because of a congenital condition that happens due to no mistake of your own.

Alert: The teeth surrounding your missing tooth must be healthy. If not, then the dentist will not authorize a dental bridge.

Different types

  • Traditional bridge fix

The traditional dental bridges are of stainless steel metal or ceramic. They have more than two crows (that help the tooth to be in place) with a filler, or the artificial tooth/ teeth series put together is cemented in the space.

  • Implant-supported bridge

It is similar to the traditional fix, but the artificial tooth doesn’t have a cement filling here. Instead, it uses implants that will help the teeth to be in place.

  • Cantilever bridge

Every dental bridge has something called the pontic. It is the filler that is in between the crowns and acts like the teeth. In Cantilever, what happens is, this pontic is not attached to both the side teeth but only to one of them.

Benefits Dental Bridge

One of the main reasons to opt for a dental bridge is because it restores your confidence. It helps you smile freely without having to worry about what others think.

  • After getting your dental bridge, you can chew hard foods with less effort.
  • After using a dental bridge, any distortions in your jaw will be set right.
  • It helps you to speak without experiencing any pain as you did before the treatment.

Conclusion: If you are in South Carolina, then Columbia, SC dental bridge offers you the best services. They make sure to help you throughout your treatment, from start to end.