Guide To Laser Vein Therapy And Sclerotherapy


Researching innovative varicose vein treatments might be a challenge. Most likely, if you suffer from varicose veins, you’ve thought about what treatments you may obtain to minimize the look of varicose veins as well as the discomfort that they might bring you. Treatment with Sclerotherapy is one of the simple treatments available.

What is Sclerotherapy treatment?

Sclerotherapy treatment is a technique where a chemical will be infused into the blood vessels by a medical practitioner using tiny needles. It works by inflaming and solidifying the cellular lining of the vessels. One session may be enough to remove the majority of the spider veins, or further sessions can be scheduled. While it is most commonly used on the legs, it may also be used on the arms to treat spider veins. This Sclerotherapy is used to treat small varicose veins, often known as spider veins, by sclerosing the vein walls. 

How safe is this Sclerotherapy?

This therapy involves relatively 30 mins, minor discomfort, and no anesthesia is required during the operation. An over-the-counter analgesic can be taken if necessary after the consultation. Pain can be eased by wearing a compression stocking, which helps to reduce swelling. Further, regular walking is needed to keep the flow of blood, but refrain from doing anything strenuous for a couple of days as that may lead to further complications.

Can Sclerotherapy be used with other blend treatments?

When varicose and spider veins may be a source of confusion for many individuals. There are various treatment options available as to how to get treated optimistically. One such type being the laser vein treatment that may be used with Sclerotherapy. Which includes injections of chemicals to shut or destroy troublesome blood vessels. A capillary specialist may recommend one or the other, depending on the circumstances.

How painful can laser therapy be?

The conventional technique uses cold air or a cooling gel to calm the skin down to counteract the burning feeling. Because just a small percentage of blood travels via these smaller veins, their eventual removal does not cause harm to the human body. Thus, proving it as an ideal procedure along with Sclerotherapy to treat veins.

Final words!

Taking care of oneself is the first step in the treatment of any disease. Your varicose vein may disappear with exercise, or wearing compression stockings might also help alleviate varicose veins’ pain and discomfort. But if self-care measures haven’t kept your varicose vein condition from becoming worse, a visit to the Newberry Vein Institute may be essential now.