A Complete Information About Coolant Control System, Weldsaver

Weldsaver drawback- A Complete Information About Coolant Control System, Weldsaver

Weldsaver is among the best water savers for your welding works. They have several functions and are automated. Also, automation made a safer working condition for workers. Also, you don’t need to pose welding if there’s no supervisor on site. However, there are a few Weldsaver drawbacks you should know, just like other tools with pros and cons. There are some water saver drawbacks. We’ll discuss them in the sections below.

What is a Weldsaver

A Weldsaver is a tool that you use for coolant flow control and leak detection. The process is vital in welding where hot fluids are in use. However, you can use the tool with fluids at room temperature if the only reason was leak detection. The tool also acts as a water saver. When it detects leaks, it can initiate shut down or send an alarm. Thus, it makes up an excellent tool for robotic welding systems.

You can use a Weldsaver to check weld guns, coolant flow, or the weld cell’s cooling circuit. You can know the cause of flow loss, such as cap loss, horse burst, and any other unfortunate event.

Intelligent leak detection works with motion effects, temperature, and pressure of a fluid. It can detect a change in any of the three in 0.3 seconds. Also, it makes the tool the best water saver. However, there are some Weldsaver drawbacks and advantages, as we’ll see.

Advantages of Weldsaver

  • A water saver ensures you can automate all your processes with ease. The detection time is little, and hence it can trigger action before any loss is registered.
  • The tool protects your welding tools. No fluid will flow over to the welding tool. Thus, it’s protected from rusting, electric shock, etc. Thus, it prolongs the life of your welding tools.
  • Automation makes the working environment safe. Humans have less interaction with machines, cutting down the cases of accidents significantly. Also, human labor is reduced. Thus, there are fewer people exposed to danger.
  • The Weldsaver tool reduces production costs. You can run the tool overnight and without supervision. Also, there are a few workers to pay. The tool maintenance cost is much lower than human labor.
  • Strong and flow switch come with return flows and the WeldSaver’s coolant supply.

Water Saver Drawbacks

  • The device has a 0.3 seconds leak detection time. Thus, if the fluid was under high pressure, it could spill into the welding tools causing damage.
  • The shut-off activates in 1 second after the signal is sent. Thus, it gives the fluid more time to spill. Thus, it is not 100% at cutting losses.
  • It has a constant indication of fluid flow rate and temperatures. Thus, anyone can read.


Weldsaver drawback is crucial in keeping firm tools cool. It also acts as a water saver when you set the automatic shut-off or alarm system. However, it would help if you tried to avoid the few water saver drawbacks. They could lead to massive loss and tool damage. Thus, it would help if you never ignored Weldsaver’s drawbacks, no matter how small they seem.