Informational Tips Vastu for Bank

Vastu for Bank

Vastu for bank is equally important as the Vastu of any other place. Mainly, it determines the security and safety of the bank, prevents theft and robberies, and is overall beneficial for the growth of employees, customers, and owners. Also, Vastu maintains a smooth of money and never lets the bank go out of money. If you have always been ignorant of the Vastu principles, it is time to take care of them.

Vastu for bank: Vastu tips

Here are the essential tips that one must consider while decoring and designing a bank:

  • It is best to locate the market in the North or East direction
  • There should be no obstruction in the main door or entrance.
  • The manager’s room should be placed in the South-east corner so the person can sit facing the North direction
  • The Cash counters should be located in North
  • It is better to use wooden furniture
  • The employees should be seated in West
  • The cash room should be placed in South or Southwest and opening towards North
  • Make sure there is a water source placed in the North-east direction.
  • The most prominent color to use in a Bank is Yellow
  • The payment counters should be placed in the Western direction
  • The stair placement will be best on West, South-west
  • Keep the generator or inverter in the South-east or North-West direction.

Vastu shastra for bank (2021)

So, if you are designing a building for a bank or you already work or own a bank, make sure you follow all the tips given below. But in case you feel the doshas in the Vastu for bank, you need to contact the Vastu consultants. Here we provide all kinds of Vastu services so that no one can feel distant from peace, harmony, and prosperity. Following the rules of Vastu shastra for bank, will surely give your positive results.