Top Tips Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom

The science of architecture, also known as Vastu Shastra helps in erecting a structure in a manner that provides multiple benefits to the people using that particular place. The principles and benefits of Vastu are not just limited to the bedroom, kitchen, and pooja room, but, Vastu for the bathroom also plays a vital role in the process. If not constructed in a correct manner, bathrooms are considered as a major source of negative energy in a household. So, to prevent the entry of negative energy you must keep in mind the following rules of Vastu for bathroom and stay healthy:

Vastu for bathroom: Vastu tips

  • Northwest of the home is considered as best for the construction of the bathroom. Southwest direction must always be avoided for the purpose as it brings in negativity.
  • The entry door to the toilet must be in the eastern or the northern wall.
  • The bathroom must be construed a couple of feet above ground level.
  • The shower and the washbasin must be in the east, north, or northeast direction only.
  • The bathroom must never share a wall with the pooja room as it can have server negative impacts.
  • North and the east are the two most preferable directions for the outlet of bathroom pipes.
  • Light pastel shades, such as pink, grey, and light blue are considered best for the bathroom walls.
  • Metal has negative vibrations, so wooden doors must be used for the bathroom.
  • The bathroom attached to the room must never face the bed placed in the room.
  • The bathroom wall in the north and east direction is considered as best for hanging the mirror.
  • The vacant space below the staircase should never be built into a bathroom.

Vastu Shastra for Bathroom (2021)

For more specific details regarding the Vastu shastra for bathroom as per the availability of space in your home, you must avail the services of Vastu consultants and their experts will help you in the best possible ways.