Best Tips Vastu for Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom

The bedroom is the most comfortable place in the house. It is the room where we can be in our best comfortable zone and feel most relaxed. The principles and benefits of Vastu are not just limited to the bedroom, kitchen, and pooja room, but, Vastu for bedroom also plays a vital role in the process. If not constructed in a correct manner, bathrooms are considered a major source of negative energy in a household. The bedroom should always be made Vastu complaint so as to experience peace in the life of the family members. Some basic rules of Vastu shastra for bedroom that one must follow are mentioned below:

Vastu for bedroom: Vastu tips


  • A bedroom constructed in the northeast direction of the house can lead to the loss of wealth in the family.
  • A bedroom constructed in the southeast direction of the house can lead to mental problems as well as marital stability in the lives of people.
  • The bedroom should never be constructed in brahmstan as it leads to a lack of sleep and loss of mental peace.
  • The Southwest zone is considered the dominance zone of the house, so the master bedroom should preferably be constructed in the southwest zone of the house only. It also gives stability and strength to people in life.
  • The bedroom for children should be constructed in the west, north, or east zone of the house.
  • The South zone of the house is most suited for the construction of the eldest son’s bedroom.
  • The Northwest zone of the house is most suited for the construction of the daughter’s bedroom. It can also be used as a guest room.

Vastu shastra for bedroom (2021)

(B) One must never place a mirror in front of the bed. If the situation cannot be avoided then one must always keep the mirror covered with a clean cloth when not in use.
(C) Doors of the bedroom must be in the north, east, and north-east direction only.
(D) The center of the bedroom must be left empty.
(E) Bedroom should never have the pooja area. If the situation is unavoidable then the pooja area must be covered with a clean curtain.

For more specific details of Vastu for bedroom, you can always consult the expert of the field.