Awesome Tips Vastu for Career 2021

Vastu for Career

A career for a person is undoubtedly a major aspect of a person’s life. One must know that the academic record of a person does not always decide his/her career, but it is the hard work and practical knowledge that matters more in the field. At times you might experience the case that a person who was thought to be a loser becomes a successful person and the one who was a born winner ends up as a complete failure in life. So, this is where luck plays its game and Vastu for career plays its role.

Vastu for career: Vastu tips

Some aspects of Vastu for career that a professional person must consider in his/her life are as follows:

  • If you have a residential office or you are a work-from-home employee then your workplace should not be adjacent to your bedroom.
  • Professionals must prefer chairs that have high supporting back.
  • The placement of a crystal on the desk ensures a good ambiance and smooth monetary flow.
  • You must try to sit facing the north direction.
  • You must always prefer either square or rectangular-shaped desk. Circular or any other shape of desks must be avoided.

Vastu shastra for career (2021)

Some aspects of Vastu shastra for career that a student must consider in his life are:

  • Facing either east or the north direction while studying helps to improve the concentration power of the student.
  • A rectangular or square-shaped table must be of standard size, neither too big nor too small.
  • If you are willing to have a study lamp on the table then it must be in a proper working condition placed on the southeast corner of the table.
  • Always avoid keeping anything in the middle of the room.
  • Study table should never lie along the wall of the room and there must be some space between the wall and table to ensure an unobstructed flow of energy.