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Vastu for clinic

Just like the implication of vastu shastra at home creates positivity in the lives of individuals, Vastu for clinic also plays a vital role in the lives of both doctors and patients. A properly build clinic always ensures speedy recovery of patients and hence helps in maintaining good health. Some important points that must be kept in consideration while constructing a clinic are as follows:

Vastu for Clinic: Vastu tips

  • East and north are the most suitable directions for the entrance of any clinic.
  • The area of more than 250square feet must be considered for the construction of a good clinic.
  • East and the northeast direction are considered best for the construction of the reception of the clinic.
  • Clinical machines and electrical equipment must be placed in the southeast direction.
  • The clinic should preferably be constructed on the first floor of any building.
  • Black, grey, and dark blue shades are considered as a harbinger of failure and depression, hence, must be avoided in the clinics.
  • The paint of the clinic walls must be Pink, light green, or light blue. As they help in inculcating energy to the patients and also keep them calm.
  • The North and northeast direction is considered most favorable for keeping medicines.
  • Always try to hang positive pictures on the walls of the clinic as it maintains the positive vibes of the clinic.
  • South and the west direction of the clinic are most favorable for placing the bookshelf.

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Vastu shastra for clinic

We do not deny the fact that it is the treatment and care of the doctor that cures a patient, but, along with the medicines. The cosmic energy is equally responsible for the speedy recovery of the patient. So, along with good treatment, the doctors must ensure that their clinic is Vastu friendly in order to maintain positivity.