Benefits Tips Vastu for Doors

Vastu for Doors

Doors of a house play a vital role in the flow of positive energy in the house. Not just this but doors give the perfect look to the house. While constructing the doors of a house, some basic principles of Vastu for doors should be considered for an auspicious environment of the house.

Vastu for doors: Vastu tips

  • ENTRANCE DOOR OF THE HOUSE – The size of the main door of the house must always be bigger than the other doors of the house. North, east, and northeast are the most preferable directions for the construction of the main door.
  • NUMBER OF ENTRANCE – If you provide more than three main entrances to your home, then it can be problematic for you.
  • PLACEMENT OF DOORS INSIDE THE HOUSE – The height of the inner doors must be at least 7’-0” whereas the width must be at least 3’-6”.
  • TOTAL NUMBER OF DOORS IN THE HOUSE – The total number of doors in the house must be even in number. The multiples of digits 8 and 10 should strictly be avoided. The main gate and the doors of the outhouse or security office must not be counted in this. The explanation of the number of doors and their effect on the house is given below:

Vastu shastra for doors (2021)

  • 2 Doors – Considered auspicious and positive
  • 3 Doors – Can cause enmity in the house
  • 4 Doors – Result in the extended lifespan of family members living in the house
  • 5 Doors – cause diseases in family members living in the house
  • 6 Doors – Result in positive and good childbearing
  • 7 Doors – Brings death
  • 8 Doors – Results in a positive growth of wealth
  • 9 Doors – Bring diseases
  • 10 Doors – Can cause robbery in the house
  • 11 Doors – Results in the destruction of goodness and positivity in the house
  • 12 Doors – Results in the positive growth of business
  • 13 Doors – Lowers the lifespan of people living in the house
  • 14 Doors – Increase wealth
  • 15 Doors – Results in the destruction of good vibes of the household

For more specifications on Vastu shastra for doors, you can always avail of the services of Vastu experts.