Best Tips Vastu for Entrance

Vastu for Entrance

Vastu for entrance plays a vital role in the construction of the home. The entrance of your home is the place from where the energies, may it be positive or negative enter and leave the house. If more negative energies enter the house, the family members living in the house will never be able to prosper in life. So, to ensure the flow of unobstructed positive energy, one has to carefully apply all the principles of Vastu for entrance.

Vastu for Entrance: Vastu tips

Some Do’s on the construction of entrance of the house:

  • You must always use superior quality wood for the construction of the main door at the entrance of the house.
  • The door with two shutters that opens clockwise, inside the house is considered the most auspicious one.
  • The main door must not make any kind of noise while opening and closing the door.
  • The main door at the entrance must be constructed above ground level.
  • The immediate replacement of a cracked or damaged door at the entrance can always help you avoid the tough times and loss of respect.
  • You must always decorate the entrance of the house with beautiful patterns and designs.
  • Make sure the entrance area of your house is always clean and well lit and contact Vastu Shastra for entrance.
  • The dimness at the entrance creates the space for negative energies in the house.

Vastu Shastra for Entrance (2021)

Some Don’ts on the construction of entrance of the house:

  • Slanting, sliding, and circular entrances must be avoided.
  • The main door at the entrance must never face the compound wall.
  • You must never keep your shoes in front of the main entrance.
  • Always avoid the color black for the door at the entrance.
  • Arched doors distort the flow of positive energies.
  • The automated main doors must always be avoided in homes and contact Vastu for entrance.