Best Tips Vastu for Factories

Vastu For Factories

Vastu for factories has experienced a considerable rise in demand over the past few years. From large scale industries to small scale industries, all have started to adopt the principle of Vastu shastra for factories. Vastu determines all the factors responsible for the construction of factories and ensures the stability and financial success of the particular factory.

Vastu for factories: Vastu tips

Some important points that must be consider are as follows:

  • The main gate of the factory must be huge in size in the east direction of the factory.
  • The provision for keeping the finished goods must be made in the north-west direction as it ensures early dispatching of goods and huge profits.
  • In order to ensure long-term profits, one must always choose the factory site in the east, north, or north-east direction.
  • The process of dumping the raw material or stacks must be done in the southwest corner of the factory and contact Vastu shastra for factories.
  • In order to ensure successful dealings and kind discussions, the office of the owner must be construct in the east or north portion of the factory.

Vastu Experts in India

  • South-east is the most preferable direction for placing electrical equipment, meters, generators, boiler, etc. It facilitates the smooth functioning of all these equipment as well as ensures the minimization of accidents.
  • The best direction for the workshop as well as the maintenance work is south and south-west.
  • Toilets and septic tanks must be construct in the northwest and southeast directions respectively.

At times, implementing all the rules of Vastu for factories become a challenging task. In such cases, there are many things that we can compromise with. The best person to guide you about the perfect rules of Vastu shastra is the expert in the field. So, if you want to experience many benefits of Vastu, you must always avail the services of the experts.