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Vastu for health

HEALTH IS WEALTH” is the one thing that we have been taught since childhood. The primary concept of living is maintaining good health and all the other aspects are followed after it and contact Vastu for health. The basic aim of Vastu shastra is to inculcate the three in the life of any individual, which is, Peace, Prosperity, and progress. Everything that happens in a person’s life is in some or way affected by the universe. The proper implications of Vastu for health can always help you avoid unnecessary conditions in life and hence keep you healthy, wealthy, and fit.

Vastu for Health: Vastu Tips

Vastu shastra for health is collectively influenced by some basic science of architecture, correct placement of objects, and some basic living patterns of humans.

Some basic rules of Vastu shastra that everybody must apply in their lives for maintaining good health are as follows:

  • You should never sleep under an exposed beam.
  • Try to sleep with your head either in the south or the east direction.
  • A southwest portion of the house should preferably be given to the elder person of the house so as to maintain his good health.
  • All the mirrors in the home including the television and the laptop and computer screen must be kept covered when not in use.
  • Try to paint the northeast portion of the house with green color as it is the reflection of positivity & contact Vastu Shastra for health.

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Vastu Shastra for Health (2021)

  • The kitchen and toilet of the home must be at a considerable distance and should never be constructed adjacent to each other.
  • The arrangement of the bed in the bedroom should be at least 3 inches away from the wall of the room.
  • The place beneath the bed should always be kept clean and should not be used to keep any kind of luggage or material.
  • The mobile phones and other rays imitating gadgets must be kept away from the bed.
  • You must always keep your surroundings clean and contact Vastu for health.