Best Tips of Vastu for Hospital

Vastu for Hospital

During the past few years, we have seen a considerable rise and awareness of the concept of Vastu all over the globe. a Vastu complaint hospital helps in the speedy recovery of the patients as it develops a positive environment in the surroundings. The most auspicious direction for a doctor while treating the patient is northeast and Vastu for hospital. It enhances the concentration of the doctor. In the hospital room, the medical equipment must be kept in the southeast direction of the room.

Vastu for Hospital: Vastu tips

Some basic tips of Vastu for hospitals are mentioned below:

  • The room of the patient must have proper ventilation with adequate windows on the eastern side of the room.
  • The operation theaters must be made on the west side of the hospital.
  • The Southeast direction is most suitable for the construction of the kitchen in the hospital.
  • The most suitable direction for the arrangement of drinking water is northeast.
  • The northeast part of the hospital should preferably be kept open.
  • If there is a fountain of a pond (must be kept clean), it enhances the reputation of the hospital.
  • It must be constructed in the southwest direction of the hospital.

Vastu Experts in India

  • The center portion of the hospital should always be kept open and clean.
  • The hygiene of the hospital should be on the priority list of maintenance as it ensures the removal of bacteria and inculcates good health.
  • Avoiding all the exceptions for the direction of toilets must be constructed in either west or northwest direction only.
  • A rectangular or square-shaped land must be preferred for the construction of a hospital and Vastu shastra for hospital.
  • This kind of land has more magnetic force and the positive energy and the magnetic force are considered auspicious.

For more specific details of Vastu shastra for hospital you must avail the services of Vastu consultants who will guide you in the best possible ways.