Advance Tips Vastu for Hostel

Vastu for Hostel

Hostels are a second home for the residents and the peace and prosperity of the place matter a lot. Students living in a hostel with poor Vastu often face problems such as failure, suicide, strikes, and more. It all occurs due to improper balance of energies and that can only be achieved by working on the Vastu for hostel.

Vastu for hostel: Vastu tips

What are the Vastu tips for a Hostel?

  • The regular shaped buildings such as squares and rectangles are best for a hostel. The shape irregularities often attract evil and negative energies.
  • The stairs should be placed in South or West
  • The room of Warden should be located in the South-West part of the building
  • Students rooms should be placed in the North-West direction
  • Toilets should be built in the North-West direction
  • The canteen should locate in South-East
  • Make lawn in the northeast zone.

To avoid strain and stress on the students or residents, the Vastu principles should be followed in a proper manner. All Vastu rules are compulsory for the goodwill of the students as well as the owner and contact Vastu shastra for hostel.

What Vastu principles should be followed in Hostel Rooms?

  • While sleeping the head of the person should be in South or East and feet towards the North or West
  • Avoid sitting and sleeping under any beam of the building
  • The study table should be facing the North or East direction and should not be against the entrance.
  • Do not keep the bed just against the entrance.
  • Make sure every room has maximum windows and proper ventilation.

If you want more tips about Vastu for hostel, you must connect with a Vasty consultant. A qualified expert will help you understand every principle that is implied while constructing a hostel. If you feel the Vastu errors in an already constructed hostel building, you can also get help from a certified Vastu consultant.