Best Tips Vastu for Hotel

Vastu for Hotel

Hotels, restaurants, or cafes, the fancy places where we go to eat delicious food. But, as we know that along with enhancing the taste buds of visitors with mouthwatering food, the hotels must also provide a beautiful ambiance for a peaceful dine-in. A perfectly planned and beautiful infrastructure is the major aspect of the hotel as it attracts maximum customers. The business of hospitality depends majorly on the quality and quantity of services provided by the concerned officials. Principles of Vastu for hotel play a vital role in the concept.

Vastu for Hotel : Vastu tips

Some basic tips of Vastu shastra for hotels that must be considered by the owner and builders are as follows:

  • The hotel must preferably be constructed on rectangular or square-shaped plots. Plots of triangular, hexagonal, and oval shapes must strictly be avoided.
  • The plot should have two roads running on the north and west side of the plot.
  • The hotel must be constructed on a large plot as much space is required for the community’s purpose.
  • The hotel must be well-ventilated with windows.
  • The interior of the hotel must be beautiful and elegant.
  • The east and the north portion of the hotel must be kept open.
  • Southeast direction should be appointed for the pantry or kitchen of the hotel.
  • The southeast corner is also considered suitable for the installment of other electrical equipment such as geyser, meter, etc.

Vastu Experts in India

  • The kitchen of the hotel must be on the ground floor only.
  • The balcony of the rooms of the hotel must be either in the east or north direction only. It ensures the flow of positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Bathroom and toilets, both attached with rooms and for common use must be in west or northwest direction only.
  • The overall premises of the hotel must be huge so that it remains open for the flow of positive energy and Vastu for hotels.